Glossary of ThrombosisRx

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actiated plateles accelerate the coagulation pathway or slow it down?
the coag proteins like thrombin contribute to platelet aggregation T or F
list the events in order...

a. aggregation
b. platelet adhesion to the site of injury
c. activation of platelet surface receptors and release of platelet products

b, c, a
GPIa/IIa to collagen and GPIb to von Willibrand factor describe which process?

a. platelet adhesion to the site of injury
b. activation of platelet surface receptors
c. aggregation

ADP serotonin TXA2 are ..
a. involved in activation of platelet surface receptors and release of platelet products
b. aggregation
c. platelet adhesion to the site of injury

that receptor does thienopyridine block?
aspirin blocks ...
a. COX1
b. P2Y receptor
c. your mom

a. cox 1
what is the moa of dipyridamole?
decrease cAMP
what is the mechanism of action of ASA (aspirin)
irreversible acetylates cox1 and inhibits the conversion of arachidonic acid to thromboxane TXA2 in platelets
true of false:
asa does not inhibit TXA2 synthesis and has tons and tons of effect on other factors that could initiate platelets activation and aggregation
asa only inhibs TXA synthesis and has no effect on other factors that could initiate platelets activation and aggregtaion
what is an adverse effect of Aspirin
dyspepsia, nausea, gi bleed, hemorrhagic strokes, allergic rxn, asthma exacerbation and gout
name a thienopyridine
clopidogrel, prasugrel, ticopidine, ticagrelor
the primary indications of thienopyridines are...
a. ACS, percutaneous coronary interventions, unstable angina, recent MI with or without ST-elevation
b. CHF
c. prostetic heart valves

a. ACS, percutenous coronary interventions, unstable angina, recent mi with or with out st elevation
What is Clopidogrel's MOA
it is a thienopyridine so it inhibs ADP-mediated platelet activation via blocking of the P@Y purinoceptor
what is a side effect of clopidogrel (other drugs in its class are prasurgrel, ticlopidine, ticagrelor)
bleeding, dyspepsia diarrhea, neutropenia and thrombocytopenic purpura (with tilopidine)
what are two classes of inhibitors of GP IIB/IIIa

tirofiban and eptifibatide

what drug, used in combo with warfarin, is used to inhibit formation of thromboemoli from prostetic valves?
What dual antiplatelet therapy is the cornerstone of treatment to prevent thrombotic complications of ACS and PCI
aspirin and clopidogrel
what would be a good combination for triple anti platelet therapy. slide 14 10 am jan 25
asa, clopidogrel and eptifibatide, without anticoag therapy
what kind of drug do u incorporate to reduce major and minor adverse events in percutaneous coronary intervention that leads to decreased bleeding complications?`
eptifibatide based pharmacotherapy
anti coag drugs/anti thrombin drugs MOA
bind to antithrombin II and exposes its active site for more rapid inactivation of thrombin
what are the toxicities assc'd with heparin
bleeding allergy alopecia osteoperosis

heparin induced thrombocytopenia

if a patient has active bleeding and hemophilia intracranial hemorrhage or advance liver or renal disease should you give heparin?
what drug for a heparin OD
protamine sulfate
what are direct thrombin inhibitor drugs?

a. hirudin and bivalirudin
b. argatron and melagatran
c. zyrtec
c. propranolo

a and b
who are direct thrombin inhibitors mostly indicated for?
pts with HIT and venous thromboembolism
name two anticoagulant drugs that are orally effective
warfarin and coumarin
what is the MOA of warfarin and coumarin
Antagonize the vitamin K-dependent
gamma-carboxylation of glutamate resideus
in prothrombin, factors VII, IX, and X
as well as endogenous anti-coagulant
proteins C and S.

what are the toxicities of warfarin and coumarin
bleeding and many drug interactions

crosses placenta and causes birthdefects

what do u give to pts who OD or warfarin
vit K
streptokinase is...

a. a antidepressant
b. beta blocker
c. fibrinolytic (thrombolytic) drug
d. anticoagulant

c. fibrinolytic
what kinda drug is anistreplase?
fibrinolytic (streptokinase)
tissue plasminogen activators are

a. anticoag drugs
b. anti depressants
c. ca channel blockers
d. fibrinolytic ddrugs

d. fibrinolytic
which tissue plasminogen activator has a five min half life

alteplasse, retaplase or tenecteplase?

urokinase is...
a. fibrinolytic
b. thrombolytic
c. ca channel blocker
d. na channel blocker

a and b. its the same thing
what is the mechanism of fibrinolytic action

SK and tPA bind to plasminogen to release the serine
protease, plasmin, which in turn breaks apart the thrombus
(fibrin molecules).

what does excess plasmin protease do?
Excess plasmin protease can also cleave circulating fibrinogen
(fibrinogenlysis) and produces undesirable bleeding.

what is the diff between SK and tPA? tissue plasminogen activator and streptokinase
tPA is relatively selective for the clot-associated fibrin bound
plasminogen, rather than the circulating plasminogen, and hence
less likely to release a large amount of circulating plasmin and
causing systemic fibrinogenolysis.

what are some absolute contraindications of thrombolytic drugs
Suspected aortic dissection, active internal bleeding or uncontrollable external bleeding (excluding menses), recent head trauma (< 2 weeks), intracranial neoplasms, history of proven hemorrhagic stroke or cerebral infarction with 12 months, untreated diabetic hemorrhagic / proliferative retinopathy, uncontrolled BP (>180/110 mmHg), etc.
what does alpha-2 - antiplasmin do
inhibition of fbrinolysis

what does amicar (aminocaproic acid) do?
a lysine analog that compeetes for lys binding sites on plasminogen and plasmin thus blocking the interaction with plasmin with fibrin

inhibition of fibrinolysis

what are two inhibitors of tPA?
plasminogen activator 1 and 2
LO from the ITO

discuss the principles and role of thrombosis in the pathogenesis of acute coronary syndrome  (ACS)

... see ppt
discuss the endogenous anti-thrombotic mechanisms and pathogenesis of coronary thrombosis

hope u know this
discuss the strategies and gasic pharmacology of the fibrinolytic drugs
discuss the basic pharmacology of the anti-platelet drugs

this is a LO from the ITO

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