Glossary of The Crusades

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Norman from Sicily. One of the leaders of the First Crusade. Ruled Antioch.
Father of Nur-ed-Din. Started to unify Muslims.
Why was the siege of Damascus controversial?
Damascus was previous ally
When did the Second Crusade start?
Who were the western leaders of the Second Crusade?
Louis VII of France
Conrad III of Germany

Who was responsible for preaching most of the Second Crusade?
Bernard of Clairvaux
What was the name of the Papal Bull preaching the Second Crusade?
Quantum Praedecessores
When was the siege of Damascus?
23-28 July 1148
How did Zengi die?
Killed by a slave when asleep in a drunken stupor.
In what other areas apart from the Levant did the Second Crusade take place?
1. Against the Wends in northern Germany.
2. In Iberia.
Which Pope issued the Papal Bull preaching the Second Crusade?
Pope Eugenius III
What can be seen as the main success of the Second Crusade?
The capture of Lisbon
Who became King of Jerusalem in 1186?
Guy of Lusignan
Who was the 'leper' king?
Baldwin IV of Jerusalem
Which town was successfully besieged by Richard I during the Third Crusade?
Who was Gerard de Ridfort?
Master of the Temple (leader of the Templars)
When did the Battle of Hattin take place?
The crusaders defeated a Muslim army after taking Jerusalem in 1099. Where?
What was the name of the Hospitaller castle in northern Syria.
Krak des Chevaliers
What was the name of the 'rogue' noble who gave Saladin the opportunity to attack the crusader states?
Reynald of Chatillon.
What was the name of the leader of the faction who wanted peace with the Muslims during the 1180s?
Raymond of Tripoli
Which Pope preached the First Crusade?
Urban II
Which (crusader) Pope was a Cistercian?
Eugenius III
Urban II was a member of which religious order?
What was the name of the Papal Bull preaching the Third Crusade?
Audita tremens
Who was the Byzantine Emperor at the time of the First Crusade?
Alexius Comnenus
Where was the First Crusade preached in France?
In which place did Louis VII take the cross?
What was the Muslim name for Holy War?
What was the first city taken by the crusading army of the First Crusade?
What was the name of the battle fought in Asia Minor during the First Crusade in which the crusaders gained a victory?
Which Muslim leader besieged the crusaders at Antioch?
What prompted the Second Crusade?
The fall of Edessa.
What was the first Latin state?
The county of Edessa.
What was the name of the Doge of Venice during the Fourth Crusade?
Enrico Dandolo
To where was the Fourth Crusade first diverted?

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