Glossary of Test 3 Digital Imaging

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the ________ is the predictor os spatial resolution in CR
Nyquist Frequency
other data loss properties in CR
Light spread

energy conversion


When discussing Digital Image Processes, ______ can be caused by grids or by computer error
aliasing artifact
aka morie effect
aliasing artifact
Designed to correct for over- or under- exposure ; histogram shape recognition; should not be used to substitute for technique
automatic rescaling
When discussing digital processes, _____are specific to each anatomic part and are used to assign the colors (gray values: to the histogram values
LUT table
range of exposure factors that can be used
exposure factors
50 percent to low -exposure latitude
mottle is seen
200 percent to high- exposure latitude
contrast is low
measure of how well the system can accurately image an object

converting the digital input to an image with app. brightness and contrast

contrast manipulation
No amount of ____ can replace proper technique
enhancement of structures is possible with DR

any changes you make reduce the info available to radiologist

Spatial Frequency Resolution

edge enhancement

the smaller the pixel, the ____the image appearance

Edge Enhancement

___ _____ are averaged to create an acceptable image

Pixel Values
Edge Enhancement

The larger the area averaged, the _____ the transition of _____

smoother the transition of brightness levels
Edge Enhancement

If the area is made smaller, ____ and ____ are enhanced

contrast; edges
Some signal values can be supressed while other are strenthened
high pass filtering
supressing signal is called ____
high pass filtering can aid in what?
visualing organ edges, but they are noisy
controls the number of shades of gray to display
window width
determines the value that will be the darkest on the image
window level
removes the excess light from the image that causes veil glare
shuttering ( black border)
Image Annotation
place additional information on teh image
allows for closer investigation of structures
Image Management

Patient demographic information

once info is entered into the system care should be taken with subseqent entries
Image Management

Manual Send

allows for sending the images to more thatn one computer or destruction
Image Management

Archive query

allows retrieved of archived images

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