Glossary of Tertullianus De Resurrectione Mortuorum

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al-lēgō (adl-), -āre, -āvī, -ātus
dispatch, comission; bring forward; relate; (negatively) instigate; release self by proof
grātus, -a, -um
pass. + dat. beloved acceptable act. grateful; thankworthy
ungō (unguō), -ere, unxī, unctus

-->unctio, unctiōnis, f.

smear; anoint

-->a smearing; ointment

vescō (vescor), -ere, _, _
sera, -ae, f.

-->serō (seruī), -ere, sertus

-->subst. serta, -ōrum
bar (for fastening on doors, but unconnected)

-->join together; interweave

āridus, -a, -um

-->āriditas, -tātis, f.

-->āreō, -ēre, _, _

dry, withered; unadorned

-->dryness, drought

-->be dry; be thirsty

esca, -ae

-->escō, -āre, _, _
food; bait

lancinō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus

-->lacerō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus

-->lacer (lacernus), -era, -erum
mangle, tear to pieces; destroy; consume; waste

-->rend, mangle; wreck, shatter; torture; ruin; scatter; squander

-->mangled, torn to pieces, scattered; act of tearing
strāmentum, -ī, n.

-->sternō, -āre, -strāvī, strātus

-->strāta, -ae, f.

-->strātum, -ī n.

litter (for the sick or dead); straw; covering: rug, thatched roof, etc.

-->spread out, stretch, extend; lie down; smooth, level; cover; arrange, prepare; throw down

-->paved road

-->blanket; pillow; housing; saddle

laniō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus

-->lacer (lacernus), -era, -erum


tear to pieces, mangle

->mangled, torn to pieces, scattered; act of tearing


ēnītor, ēnītī, e(ē)nīsus (e(ē)nixus)

-->e(ē)nixus, -a, -um

--.ēnixus, -ūs, m.

==>enixed, enixly, etc.

force one's self up or out; mount up, climb, ascend; struggle, strive; bear or bring forth (children) usu. w/ ut, sometimes w/ infin. + acc.

-->zealous, strenuous

-->birth; a bringing forth

==>enixed, enixly, etc.

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