Glossary of Special senses

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Lateral Rectus
Moves eye laterally
Medial Rectus
Moves eye medially
Superior Rectus
Elevates eye
Inferior Rectus
Depresses eye
Inferior oblique
Elevates eye and turns it laterally
Superior Oblique
Depresses eye and turns it laterally
Thin protective mucous membrane lining they eyelids and anterior surface of eyeball
Pinna (Auricle)
The outer ear
Ceruminous Glands
Secrete a waxy yellow substance called earwax
Tympanic Cavity
Small air-filled cavity within the temporal bone
Transmit the vibratory motion of the eardrum to the fluids of the inner ear
Bony labyrinth located deep within temporal bone
The three subdivisions of the bony labyrinth
Plasma-like fluid that fills the bony labyrinth
Membranous Labyrinth
Suspended in the perilymph
classification of the receptors for taste and olfaction
Olfactory receptors
Receptors for the sense of smell
Taste buds
Receptors for the sense of taste
small peglike projections that cover dorsal tongue surface
Decreasing lens elasticity that accompanies aging ("old vision")
Type of sensorineural deafness
Gustatory Cells
Surrounded by supporting cels in the taste bud
Gustatory Hairs
Long Microvilli protrude through the taste pore
Cranial nerves
Glossopharyngeal and Vagus
Glossopharyngeal and Vagus
Respectively serve the other taste bud-containing areas

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