Glossary of Spanish Vocab- Chores

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to straighten up
to help
to sweep the floor
barrer al suelo
to cook
to cut the lawn
cortar el césped
to care for children

(to babysit)

cuidar a los niños
to feed the pet
dar de comer al mascota
to make the bed
hacer la cama
to do chores
hacer quehaceres
to wash the car
lavar el coche
to wash the dishes
lavar los platos
to wash the clothes
lavar la ropa
to clean
to move the snow with a shovel

(to shovel snow)

mover la nieve con una pala
to pass the vacuum cleaner

(to vacuum)

pasar la aspiradora
to set the table
poner la mesa
to rake the leaves
rastrillar las hojas
to take out the trash
sacar la basura
to work

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