Glossary of Spanish 2 Final Culture Questions

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A metal building first built in Belgium in 1890 and then reconstructed in Costa Rica in 1896. It now houses a school.
El Edificio Metalico
A park that is the sports center in San Jose
El Parque la Sabana
It used to be a jail and is now a museum for children
El Museo de los Ninos
The capital of Costa Rica
San Jose
One of the first cities to install public phones
San Jose
The region in which Segovia is located
Andalucia or Castilla-Leon
The king of Leon y Catilla known as "el Bravo"
Alfonso VI
Traditional Segovian clothing
El Traje de Mozo
Crowned in Alcazar de Segovia
Isabel la Catolica
The national rain forest of Puerto Rico
El Yunque
The highest peak in Puerto Rico
Cero de punta
An island 50 miles off the coast of Puerto Rico with many species of animals and the remains of a Taino village
Isla de Mono
Known as "La Ciudad Amurallada"
San Juan
Famous poet that won the Nobel Prize
Pablo Neruda
The tallest mountain in the Americas
Cero Aconcagua
A colonial structure that houses the Santiago Museum
La Casa Colorada
The founder of the city of Santiago
Pedro de Valdivia

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