Glossary of Services Marketing

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Definition: Services Marketing
acts performances and experiences, that is the production and delivery of a service
How can services be classified?
1. Degree of tangibility
2. who/what is the recipient of service processes
3. The place of the service delivery
4. Customisation vs Standardisation
5. Formal/Informal relationship with customer
Discrete vs continuous services
6. High contact vs Low contact

People Processing
Service to a person\'s body eg:

What are the four classifications of services?
1. People processing
2. Possession Processing
3. Mental Stimulus processing
4. Informative processing

Possession Processing
Tangible actions to goods of physical possessions. Eg: Lawn moving, dog walking, laundry and car repairs
Mental Stimulus Processing
Intangible actios to people.
Eg: education, music, concerts, tv
Information Processing
Intangible actions directed at intangible assets. Eg: Investment banking, legal services, accounting services.
Characteristics of Services compared to goods?
1. Intangibility
2. Heterogeneity
3. Simultaneous production and consumption
4. Perishability

Services cannot be inventoried, easily patented, readily displayed or communicated and pricing is difficult.
Service delivery & customer satisfaction depend on employee and consumer actions, uncontrollable factors, there is no sure knowledge that the service delivered matches what was planned and promoted.
Simultaneous production and consumption
Customers participate in and affet the transactions, employees affect the service outcome, mass production is difficult.
Services cannot be returned or resold, difficult to synchronize supply and demand.
7 P\'s
and which ones are additional because of services
1. Product
2. Place
3. Price
4. Promotion
5. People
6 Physical evidence
7. Process
(the last three are because of services)

All human actors who play a part in service and delivery and influence buyer perceptions
- Employees, the customer, other customers in the service environment etc
Physical Evidence
The environment in which the service is delivered and where the firm and customer interact.
Eg: Equipment, signage, the building, employee dress and other tandibles
The actual procedures, mechanisms and flow of activities by which the service is delivered.

What are the two evaluation categories for consumer products?
1. Search qualities- attributes a consumer can determine before purchasing a product eg: colour, style, smell.

2. Experience qualities: Attributes that can be discerned only after purchase or during consumption. Eg: taste, wearability, (restaurant meals, haircuts etc)

Credence Qualities
Characteristics the consumer may find impossible to evaluate even after purchase and consumption.
Eg: Appendix operations, oil filter change in car, tv repair)
What are the stages of the consumer decision making process?
1. The pre-purchase stage
2. The service encounter/consumption stage
3. The post-purchase stage

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