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A good presentation is made up of a blend of:

Visual and vocal techniques referred to as presentation techniques
Effective eye contact can be described in 2 words:
Direct and Impartial

Benefits of good body movement:
- Catches the eye of the listner and
- helps hold their attention

Effective body movement can be described as:
Free and purposeful

Gestures are the purposeful use of:
Hands, arms, shoulders, head

Effective gestures are:
Natural and spontaneous

What 3 techniques can help reduce the tenson that is a natural part of public speaking?

- Eye Contact
– Gestures
- Body Movement

The more effective you use this the better presentation you will have

Effective eye contact is important for 3 reasons:
- Lets listeners know you\'re interested in them,
- Allows you to receive nonverbal feedback from the audience,
- Enhances your credibioity

Effective eye contact described as:
Direct or Iimpartial

Effective body movement is best described as:
Free and purposeful

Gestures are:
- The purposeful use of hands,
- arms,
- shoulders, and
- head to reinforce what is being said

A good voice has three important qualities:
- Quality,
- Intelligibility,
- Variety

Intelligibility depends on 4 factors:
- Articulation,
- Pronunciation,
- Overuse of stock expressions (ok, like, you know, um, uh),
- Substandard grammar

Name 5 voice fundamentals:
1- Rate: Not too fast/slow
2- Volumne: entire audience can ear but not too loud
3- Force: Sudden increase or reduction in force can grab audience attention
4- Pitch: Use high/low notes in voice
5- Emphasis: Use wisely. Avoid over emphasis and continual emphasis

Rules for using visual aids:
1.They must support the presentation,
2. Make them large enough to be seen by the audience,
3. Use them at the proper time,
4. Keep them simple and clear,
5. Don\'t talk to the visual aid, Don\'t allow yourself, other people, or objects block the audience\'s view of the visual aid.

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