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The survey led to a surprising conclusion; single dads have a totally different approach to parenting than a single mom.

Columbus sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in search for an easy navigable route to India, but instead, he found America.
Whomever listened to Eric Clapton, the living legend of Rock Music, became his lifelong fan.No Error
My parents explicitly told me to avoid dealing with whoever I think is a religious zealot. No Error
Neither the council members nor the mayor are aware of the economic difficulties faced by the citizens of the city.No Error
On the playground, the players and the captain is having an argument over the tactics for the second half of the play.No Error
It's strange that in this village of 60 farmers, nobody has seen his or her income increase in the last 4 years.No Error
The red Victorian era building in the central district of the city, adjacent to the ball park and the twin towers, have been declared a heritage site. No Error
Betty is learning piano and she likes these classical music concerts more than me. No Error
According to Alex, he prefers to take psychiatric counsel from Dr. Janine rather than me. No Error
Sharon’s and Joseph’s father is a doctor.
Niether you nor I has been to the painter’s house ever.
The students have discovered that they can address issues more effectively through letter-writing campaigns and not through public demonstrations. No error

After hours of futile debate, the committee has decided Bto postpone further discussion Cof the resolution until Dtheir next meeting. No error
At the music recital, Alexandra Aenjoyed listening to her friend Mohammed's insightful interpretation, Bwhich she thought was Cmore sophisticated Dthan the other performers. ENo error.

Originally a Aprotest on Bconventional painting, the Pre-Raphaelite movement Cexerted great influence on the art Dof its time. ENo error
The board Areviewing the courses offered by the college Bfound that the quality of academic programs Cwere generally good but Dsomewhat uneven. ENo error
If he Ahad begun Bearlier, he might have succeeded Cin finishing the Dextremely complex project before the deadline. ENo error
Maude Adams, after her spectacular Atriumph as the original Peter Pan, Bwent about Cheavy veiled and was accessible to Donly a handful of intimate friends. ENo error
All states Aimpose severe Bpenalties on drivers who do not stop when Che or she is Dinvolved in accidents. ENo error
1.mediators were standing by,prepared a)to intevene in the labor dispute b)even though both sides c)had refused earlier offers d)for help
a powerful a)advocate to equal rights,belva lockwood b)was twice a candidate for president long before the nineteenth amendment c)to the constitution allowed d)women to vote
to insist that a poem means whatever a)one b)wants it to mean is often c)ignoring the intention and d)even the words of the poet.
the seven month old baby was considered a)precious to her family because she was b)already able to grasp tiny items c)delicately d)between her thumb and forefinger.
no one a)but a fool b)readily lend money to a person who c)is known d)to be a frequent gambler
not very particular a)in nesting b)sites,house wrens c)may nest in birdhouses,mail boxes,building crevices-even in the pocketsd) of hanging laundry
a)at the reception b)were the c)chattering guests,the three tiered cake,and the lively music that have become d)characteristic of many wedding celebrations.

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