Glossary of S.S. Ch14

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Spirit of reform brought changes in what?
Religion, Politics, Education, art, and Literature
communities based on a vision of a perfect society are
Robert Owen established a village dedicated to cooperation rather competition
New Harmony, Indiana
Which two religions built their own communities
Shakers and Mormons
one religious group established a stable enduring community
Frontier camp meetings are called
At revivals people came to see people do what?
Pray, sing, weep, and shout
which religions increased during the second great awaking?
Methodists and Baptists
The second great awakening inspired people to become involved in what work.
Missionary work
Alcohol abuse was widespread where and among who.
In the west and among urban workers
Who was the crusader against alcohol?
Lyman Beecher
Some of the things alcohol was blamed for is?
Poverty, the break up of families, crime, and insanity
Drinking little or no alcohol is?
In 1851 what state passed a law banning the manufacturing and sale of alcoholic beverages?
Leader of educational reform became the head of what?
The Massachusetts board of education in 1837
The school year was lengthened to?
Six months
Massachusetts founded the nations first what?
State supported normal school in 1839
some felt the role of a women should be what?
A wife and a mother
most colleges only admitted who
4 colleges founded between 1820-1850
Amherst, Holy Cross, Trinity, and Wesleyan
in 1833 the first college to admit both women and African Americans was?
Oberlin College of Ohio
in 1854 the first college to accept African Americans
Lincion university
developed a method of educating people who were hearing impaired
Tomas Galluadet
school opened for the deaf
Hartford school
developed books with large letters that could be read with there fingers
Dr. Samuel Howe
a school teacher spent 18 months visiting the jails, poor houses and asylums
Dorthea Dix

painted pictures of Native American life in the west
George Catlin
Portrayed the birds of America
John Audobon
Painted river and frontier lives
George Bingham
Stressed the relationship between humans and nature
writer of the deerslayer and the last of the Mohicans
James cooper
write of the sleepy hollow and rip van winkley
Washington irving
wrote of moral struggles
Nathaniel Howtherd
writer of Moby Dick
Harman Melville
writer of the book Tell tale heart
Edgar Allen Poe
writer of narrative or "story poems" on American themes
Henry Wadsworth
wrote about the impulse for self improvement and equality
Walt Whitman
Wrote simple deep poems
Emily Dickinson
members of the growing band of reformers worked to abolish or end slavery
in 1787 what agreed to led each state decide whether to allow slavery
The Constitutional Convention
founded a newspaper in 1815 to spread the abolitionist message
Benjamin Cundy
a bunch of white Virginians who worked to free enslaved workers
American Colonization Society
African Americans wanted what
to be free in America and not to be sent back to Africa

1st women who spoke out against slavery
Sara and Angelina Grimke

once African Americans were free they still had to cope with some problems.
not having jobs poverty and white mobs
a women who was turned down by over 20 schools and was finally accepted by Geneva College
Elizabeth Blackwell
1st ordained female minister in the US
Antionette Brown

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