Glossary of RPSGT certification

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What does MSLT stand for?
Multiple Sleep Latency Test
How many naps are typically given for an MSLT?
When does the 1st nap begin once the MSLT has started?
1.5-3 hours on the hour or half hour after nocturnal recording
After sleep onset occurs, When is the nap terminated?
15 minutes from first epoch of sleep
If there is no sleep noted when is the nap terminated?
20 minutes
Sleep Latency is defined as:
The amount of time from lights out to the 1st epoch of sleep
REM Latency is defined as:
The amount of time from the 1st epoch of sleep to the 1st epoch of REM
What is the purpose of perfomring the "MSLT"?
To assess & diagnose diseases of excessive somnolence and to evaluate daytime sleepiness
How far apart do the naps occur?
every two hours on the half hour or hour from the start of the first nap
How long before a nap begins should the subject cease smoking?
30 minutes
What epoch size is best for recording the "MSLT"?
30 sec epochs
A mean sleep latency of <5 minutes during the "MSLT" indicates what?
Pathological sleepiness
A normal mean sleep latency is how many minutes?
10-20 minutes
How many naps must have unequivocal periods of REM to arrive at a diagnosis of Narcolepsy?
2 naps
What is the Narcoleptic Tetrad?
Excessive Daytime Sleepiness
Hypnogognic Hallucinations
Sleep Paralysis
What montage is generally used for recording the "MSLT"?
The core channels; 2 EOG, 4EEG Chin, EMG, EKG
How is the mean sleep latency calculated?
add up sleep latency and divide by total # of naps
How is the median sleep latency calculated?
The middle number
How is the mean REM latency calculated?
Add up REM latency and divide by total REM periods that occured
How frequent are the naps scheduled during the MSLT
2 hours

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