Glossary of Psych 7,8,9

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_____ refers to the initial experience of a stimulus
through the process of _______, we are able to interpret incoming sensory patterns
neurons cannot...
transmit light or sound waves directly to the brain.
the process of ______ is responsible for the conversion of physical energy to neural impulses
the _____ refers to the smallest amount of physical energy needed to produce a sensory experience
absolute threshold
a ________ refers to the smallest change in physical energy between two stimuli that is recognized as different
difference threshold
in bottom-up processing, the resulting percept is determined by...
stimulus features
top-down processing emphasizes all of the following EXCEPT
stimulus features
_____ is an example of a conscious process
trying to choose the best answer to this question.
preconscious memories are thought to...
function in the background until they are needed.
the bodily process of digestion and respiration are considered to be...
_____ believe that the unconscious is merely a collection of mental processes operating below the level of awareness.
cognitive psychologists
"jet lag" is primarily a result of...
upset circadian rhythms
while in the REM phase of sleep,
your voluntary muscles are immobilized in sleep paralysis.
a person who needs nine hours per night, but is only allowed to sleep for six hours per night, would be said to suffer from...
a sleep debt.
your last dream of the night is likely to...
have the weakest connection to events of the previous day.
_______ is the view that the mind makes a coherent story out of spontaneous brain stem discharges.
the activation-synthesis dream model.
which of the following is true of insomnia? It...
all of the above
the key components of _______ are subjective feelings, cognitive interpretation, behavioral expression, and physiological arousal.
the _____ memory system is linked to an emotion processing system that functions at an unconscious level.
the ______ memory system is linked to an emotion processing system that functions at a conscious level.
walter cannon disagreed with the james-lange theory of emotion on the basis that...
emotions and internal responses occur at the same time.
the fact that some arousal can facilitate performance but that too much arousal impairs performance is best described by the...
inverted "U" function
a person who has a high level of _____ can easily hide their emotions.
emotional intelligence

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