Glossary of Psych 330 Vision

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What are the 2 dimensions of color?
1. Hue- dominant wavelength, "color"

2. Brightness- intensity, dark- light

Forms "white eyeball"
Colored opens/ closes to let light through a hole, the pupil
Focuses Light
Light energy initiates neural activity
At the center of the retina, region of sharpest vision and has the densest distribution of photoreceptors specialized for color
Blind Spot/ Optic Disk
where blood vessels enter the eye/ optic nerve- exit the eye
Characteristics of the retina
Light sensitive surface

Back of the eye

Contains modified neurons

Coned/ rounded outer segment

Responsive to bright light

Mainly for day vision

Cylindracal outer segment

Responsive for wide range of color

Mainly for night vision

Retinal Ganglion Cells

Which kind are related to cones?

Give rise to optic nerve

P-Cells are sensitive to color

Amacrine Cells
Link bipolar cells with RGC

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