Glossary of Presidential Power

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Madison Gerry Amendment
changed the power of make war to declare war

Vesting Clause
The first sentence of Article II, "The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States".
This contrasts with the opening of Article I "All legislative powers herein granted"

Formal Power of the President
Commander in Chief
Make treaties
Appoint cabintet and SC justices
receive Ambassadors and other public ministers

Informal Powers
Bully Pulpit
Power to persuade
mass appeal
crisis powers
set and frame policy agenda
conduct foreign affairs

Limits on Presidential Power
Bureacratic politics and organizational interests
Public opinion

Hazards of Transition

Qualities that define the executive

Virginia Plan
plan of government in which the legislature was dominant. The executive was elected by the legislature
New Jersey Plan
plan of government in which there was more than one executive
Second Constitution
Woodrow Wilson said public opinion. Media and mass technology starts to get big
Dual Role
Head State

Dual Roles
Head of State
Head of Government
two track executive
energy and accountability
commander in chief/ congress can declare
salary/ cant raise it
Pardon/ Impeachment
treaties/ ratification

Major Debates at Constitutional Convention
How to elect the president
Will there be one or more presidents

Minor debates at the CC
The veto power
War powers and treaties
The executive power

Plebiscitary structure of presidential power
mode of operations that is currently the prominent structure. It entails presidents having an indepenedent political apparatus, and mass communications which they use to appeal to the public over Washingtonians
the term that best describes the presidential stake in Washington appraisals of prestige
Leeway as opportunity, leeway in the sense of chances to be taken
Exploiting existing opinion
Framing issues
increasing the salience of popular issues
clarifying opinion
channeling the public
exploiting fluid opinion

Limits to exploting
competing frames

Six Qualities or presidential job performance
Public Communication
Organizational Capacity
Political Skill
Cognitive Style
Emotional Intelligence

Path Dependency
Presidents can be agents of change, but their capacity for change is limited by historical contingencies and previously traveled paths
critical juncture
a historical breaking point in which a development trajectory has been interrupted, and a new one selected from among alternatives.
Facilitator of change
• Understand the opportunities for change in their environments and fashion strategies and tactics to exploit them
• Clarify/reflect their constituency, skillfully working to influence a few critical actors to obtain support
• Make things happen that otherwise might not
• Range and scope of influence are limited

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