Glossary of Physics Vocab 7

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the time needed to complete one cycle of motion
when the net sum of the forces acting on an object is zero
coefficient of friction
the ration of the force of kinitic friction to the normal force
the product of force and lever arm
uniform circular motion
the movement of an object or a point mass at a constant speed around a cricle with a fixed radious
normal force
a constant force that acts perpendicular to and away from a serface
an object that has been launched with an intital thrust
centripital accleration
accleration towards the center of a circle
centripital force
the froce that acts toward the center of the circle
flight time
the time that the projectile is in the air
a path of a projectile
the horizontal distance trevelled by a projectile
level arm
tge perpendicular distance from the axis of rotation to a line along which a force acts
a force that produces equilbrium
maximum height
the height of a projectile when its verticle velocity is zero
rigid rotating object
a mass that rotates around its own axis

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