Glossary of PMR2

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Finkelstein's Test
Tests for DeQuervains tenosynovitis

-APL and EPB

Apprehension Test for Shoulder
Tests for shoulder dislocation/instability

- Jobes Relocation Test should improve stabilization

Empty Can Test
tests for supraspinatus tear, tendonitis, or tendonosis

- ABduct shoulder 60 degrees and forward flex about 90 degrees

Tennis Eblow Test
Tests for pain over lateral epicondyle or epicondylitis

- attempt to force pt's wrist into flexion
- extensor tendons originate from lateral ep

Allen's Test
Tests blood supply to the hand

- if hand does not flush or reacts slowly, the artery is either completely or partially occluded, or there is incomplete anastomosis from a congenital abnormality

Impingement Sign
Tests for impingement syndrome or pathology in subacromial space

- Internally rotate humeral head (to bring the greater tuberosity superior) by having their thumb down in front of body and shoulder is passively flexed (pulled up towards head)

... or elbow flexed and shoulder 90 degrees.. push down on patient's hand in front of body and up on elbow

- this impinges the subacrombial bursa and supraspinatus between the greater tuberosity and the acromion

Tinel's Sign
Tests for carpal tunnel syndrome or a peripheral nerve pathlogy

- Median nerve: palmar aspect of hand involving radial 3 1/2 digits and overlaps over teh fingertips of the DIP joint dorsally

+ is pain or tingling

Phalen's test
Tests for median nerve compression at the wrist

- 4 FDP (DIP)
- 4 FDS (PIP)
- 1 FPL (DIP at thumb)

- dropping small objects, night pain, difficulty with buttons, thenar muscle atrophy

Lift Off Test
Tests for pathology of subscapularis and rhomboids

- failure to lift off is injury of subscapularis (major internal rotator of GH)

- medial winging of scapula indicates injury to the rhomboids

O'Brien Test
Tests for Labral pathology or tear

- Thumb down (pronating) - will hurt (deep anterior pain)
- thumb up (supinating) - will only hurt if AC joint

SLAP: Superior Labrum Anterior Posterior tears

Cross Over Test
Tests for AC joint pathology

- palpate AC joint - pain is a +

- have patient ABduct against resistance .. pain is +

Axillary Nerve
- C5

Have pt put their arm in full Abduction (arm straight next to head)

.. ADduct the arm to break the contraction

Extensor carpi radialis longus and brevis
Radial n
- C6 nerve root

break extended wrist

Radial nerve
C7 nerve root

- brace upper arm and attempt to flex the elbow
- examiner may NOT be able to break the muscle

Abductor pollicis brevis
Median nerve
- C8, T1 nerve root

place patient's thumb in plamar ABduction (thumb straight up)
- try and force thumb into ADduction over the MCP joint

First dorsal interosseous
Ulnar nerve
- C8, T1 nerve root

- dorsal side up, put patient's digits in full ABduction.. push index finger in

Range of motion of scapula
elevation, depression

protraction, retraction

upward rotation, downward rotation

.. weakness of the serratus anterior causes limitation of prtraction and upward rotation

ROM of GH joint
ABduction (rasing hand) and ADduction

internal rotation, external

forward flexion and extension

..limitations in most motions with pain is frozen shoulder

ROM of elbow
flexion, extension

prontation and supination (elbow flexed)

ROM of wrist
flexion, extension

radial deviation and ulnar deviation

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