Glossary of PMP Exam Prep Ch04

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Main Role of the project Manager
Perform Integration
Put all the pieces together into one cohesive whole that gets the project done faster, cheaper and with fewer resources while meeting project objectives.
Main Team Members Role
Completing Work Packages
Project Sponsor Role
Protects the project from changes and loss of resources.
Develop Project Charter is done during Process Group...
Develop Project Management Plan is done during Process Group...
Direct and Manage Project Execution is done during Process Group...
Monitor and control project work is done during Process Group...
Monitoring and Controlling
Integrated Change Control is done during Process Group...
Monitoring and Controlling
Close Project is done during Process Group
What's included in a Project Charter
Project Title and Description;
Project Manager and authority;
Business Need;
Project Justification - Business Case;
Project Objectives and success criteria;
Preassigned Resources;
Functional Organizations and their participation;
Stakeholders and their influence;
High level requirements, Product Description and risks;
Constraints and Assumptions;
Sponsor approval;
Summary Milestones and
Summary Budget.
Who issues the project charter
An sponsor external to the project organization also called project initiator
Document that formally authorizes and initiates a project or phase
Project Charter
Document that provides authority to Project Manager
Project Charter
Document that provides initial requirements that satisfy the stakeholders' needs and expectations
Project Charter
Factors that limit project options
Things assumed to be true but may not be
Entreprise Environmental Factors
(Company Baggage)
Culture and Structure
Human Resources
Organizational Process Assets
Processes, Procedures, templates, and Historical Information (Corporate Knowledge Base)
Main Components of Project Management Plan
All Management Plans and
Performance Measurement baselines (Scope, Schedule, Cost)
Characteristic of Project Management Plan
*B*ought into - Agreed to by everyone
Formally *A*pproved
Actions to create a BARF Project Management Plan
Hold meetings and presentations with resource managers, stakeholders, team members, sponsor
Negotiate and get agreements and approvals
Other than knowledge area plans, what other baselines and plans become part of the Project Management Plan?
Schedule Baseline
Cost Performance Baseline
Scope Baseline
Change Management Plan
Configuration Management Plan
Requirements Management Plan
Process Improvement Plan
Part of PM plan used to manage changes to deliverables
Configuration Management System
Formal Collection of documented procedures on how deliverables and documentation are controlled, changed and approved.
Change Control System
What is Work Autorization System used for and what are its benefits?
Notify team members and contractors they may begin work on project work packages.
This ensures work is done at the right time only by identified responsibles and in the right sequence.
Baselines are important since they will be used to ...
Measure performance against.
Important deviation from baselines mean ...
Risk management process should be reviewed, change to baselines may be submited for approval.
Who approve the Project Management Plan?
Management, Sponsor and stakeholders.
2 things needed to start actual work on project
Project Management Plan Approval and Kick off meeting
Direct and Manage Project Execution is part of Integration Process where the PM integrates ...
all processes of Execution process group into one coordinated effort to accomplish the project plan
Aside of Project plans, what other pieces are implemented in Direct and Manage Project?
Approved change requests such as corrective actions, preventive actions and defect repair.
3 main Outputs from Direct and Manage Project Execution process
Work Performance Information
New Change Requests
Monitor and Control Project Work is done in which process groups?
From Initiating to Closing
Corrective Action
Action taken on actual deviation to bring future project performance in line with project management plan.
What do you need to do before recommending corrective actions?
Metrics or baseline in project management plans,
identify variance and root cause,
look for alternatives.
Change Requests are result of
Recommended Corrective and Preventive Actions, and defect repair.
Difference between preventive and corrective action
actual deviations vs anticipating possible future variations
This is discovered during quality management process when project does not meet specifications, it's documented in a change request and approved or rejected.
Defect Repair
Process where actions and changes are evaluated then approved or rejected.
Perform Integrated Change Control
Set of documents required to evaluate changes or actions
Project management plans to measure against and project and product scope.
General steps to make changes
Evaluate Impact, Create Options and Get buy-in (internal and from customer)
Formal group of stakeholders who has the responsibility to review change requests, determine if additional analysis is warranted and to approve or reject.
Change control Board, sometimes the PM to some extent.
Purpose of Monitor and Control Project Work
Meet Performance Objectives defined in the Project Management Plan
Actions involved in Monitoring
Collect performance data, produce performance measures and disseminate performance information
Monitor and Control Project Work produces...
Change requests and updates to PM plan and Project documents
Who provides the Project Statement of Work?
Sponsor or external customer
Usage of Project Statement of Work
Develop Project Charter
Actions and activities included in administrative closure procedure
Those necessary to satisfy completion or exit criteria; those necessary to transfer deliverables to next phase or operations; and those to collect records, audit process success or failure, gather lessons learned and archive project information.
Gather lessons learned.
For a project to be considered closed, PM must review...
All project work has been completed and project objectives have been met by measuring scope against PM plan.
Formal Acceptance is implemented in which process and where is the procedure documented.
Verify Scope, requirements documentation
What information is compared to help control the project
Forecasts and baselines.
6 Processes that comprise Integration Management
Develop Project Charter
Develop Project Management Plan
Direct and Manage project execution
Monitor and Control project work
Integrated change control
Close Project or Phase
Processes and activities needed to identify, define, combine, unify and coordinate the various processes and project management activities within the PM process groups
Project Integration Management
Input to Develop Project Charter that is a narrative description of products or services to be delivered by the project.
Project Statement of Work
Topics referenced in SOW aside of narrative description of product or service.
Business need
Product scope description
Strategic Plan
Input to Develop Project Charter that justifies project investment
Business Case
When a contract is an input to Develop Project Charter
When the project is done for an external customer.
Processes where Expert Judgment is the only tool used for
Develop Project Charter
Develop Project Management Plans
Monitor and Control Project Work
Close Project or Phase.
Inputs to develop PM plan
Project Charter
Outputs from planning processes
Process related information contained in PM Plan
Life cycle selected for project and process to be applied, level of implementation, dependencies, interactions, inputs, outputs and tools and techniques.
Possible updates as a result of Direct and Manage Project Execution
Project Management Plan and
Project Documents
Project Documents
Requirements document
Project logs (issues, assumptions)
Risk Register
Stakeholder register
Control activities performed during Monitor and Control Project Work
Determine corrective, preventive actions or replanning and determine if actions taken resolved performance issue.
Process that generates Performance Reports
Monitor and Control Project Work
Information included in Performance Reports
Current Status
Scheduled activities
Items that get changed as result of Perform Integrated Change Control Process
PM plan,
Project Documents and
Who can request changes?
Any stakeholder involved with project
Difference between configuration control and change control
Configuration is focused in deliverables and processes while change control focuses in changes to project and baselines.
Inputs to Perform Integrated Change control
PM Plan
Change Requests
Techniques used to perform Integrated Change Control
Expert Judgement
Change Control meetings
Results from Perform Integrated Change Control
Updates to Change Request Status, PM plan and Project Documents
Inputs required to Close Project or Phase
PM plan
Accepted Deliverables
Process where deliverables are accepted by customer
Scope verification
Result of Close Project or Phase
Final Product, Service or Result transition
OPA Updates
OPAs updated as output of Close Project or Phase
Project files
Project/phase closure documents
Historical information

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