Glossary of On Golden Pond Bill Ray

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Look at you. You made it.
Yes. I think I saw a bear.
I'm Very pleased you could come. Welcome to Golden Pond.
Thank you. Do you have a dog?
Chum was a labrador retreiver who passed on just twenty years ago.
Oh. Do any of your neighbors have dogs?
Ethel. Um no, I don't believe so
Then I definitely saw a bear.
Ethel: There are a lot of very nasty moths flying around , though, I'm sorry to say.
This was kind of big for a moth.
Chelsea: Bill,you want to visit the men's room before you go through the shock of meeting my father?
Huh? Uh. No. I'm all right.
Billy: Dad, They do have indoor plumbing.
Oh. Good.
Bill: Chelsea was Bullshitting us.
Ethel: Oh, it's rustic all right.
It's Lovely though, lovely rusticity.
Norman: We've been peeing indoors for for forty years.
Oh. You must be Norman.
Norman: Yes, I must be. Who are you?
Bill Ray
Norman: Bill ray, The dentist?
Um. Yes.
Norman: Want to see my teeth?
Ethel: Norman
I just want to tell you how glad I am to be here sir. Chelsea talks so much about you and your wife and your wonderful house on the lake, and I'm very pleased that she's brought us here.
Chelsea: Charlie is out mailman. He was also my boyfriend every summer for twelve years. He taught me everything,
Isn't that amazing?
Ethel:Yes! want to take the boat?
Billy: Yeah
Chelsea: Why not? Let;s go Bill

Where? Outside?
Norman: No. I'm just going to sit here and enjoy the quiet.
Chelsea: Oh. Um...
I think I'll stay too.
Norman:....with Bill. We can talk baseball.
Uncomfortable silence
So. You're a baseball fan, huh?
Bill: So, You're a baseball fan huh?
Norman: No
Oh. I like baseball. I like the dodgers.
Oh really? They moved out west somewhere, didn't they?
Um. Yes. To Los Angeles. Some years ago.
They still in the Big Leagues?
Oh yes. They're a real powerhouse in the National League WEST
Well, bless their little hearts.
(beat) um...How does it feel to turn eighty?
It feels twice as bad as it did turning forty.
Oh, well, I know what that's like.
Bill: Oh well I know what thats like.
Norman: Do you?
Yes. I turned fortyfive years ago. I mean I'm forty five now . (under breath) ..Idiot , 45 years ago?

I....uh, Love your house.

It's not for sale.
Oh, No. I wasn't thinking about buying it. I just like it.
Bill. Oh, No I wasn't thinking about buying it, I just like it.
Norman: Oh. Me,too.
It has a charming ambiance.
It has a charming ambiance.
Norman: Does it?
Yes. Norman?
Bill: Yes, Norman?
Norman: Yes?
May I call you Norman?
Bill: May I call you Norman?
Norman: I believe you just did.
I don't want to press.
Bill: I don't want to press
Norman: No.
I'll call you Norman then.
Bill: Ill call you Norman then.
Norman: Fine.
What shall I call your wife?
How about Ethel., lipthi, th th th She wanted me to change my last name to hers.
What was that?
I don't remember. Ethel's all you need to know. That's the name she goes by.
I never knew, Chelsea always calls her Mommy.
Bill: I never knew. Chelsea always calls her Mommy.
Norman: There's a reason for that.
But she calls you Norman.
Im her father but not her Daddy. Ethel is her Mommy, and I'm Norman.
Oh, Is it all right if I sit down?
Ever read it?
Oh yes, it's great. Id recommend it.
Has that son of your read this book.
I...don't think so.
Your son hasn't read swiss family robinson?
No. But I intend to have him read it. I'm afraid his mother has been the motivating force in his life the last few years, the poor kid, and now I'm making a move to eradicate some of the dishevelment. Yeah, things are coming together for me pretty nicely now. the practice is real strong, and I'm feeling very good about myself. Meeting Chelsea has been a major....thing. And she's really flowering. She likes her job a lot, and she's been doing some beautiful paintings. We have a very kinetic relationship. Very positive. I'm sure you'd be pleased.
What do you charge for a filling.
You're a dentist arn't you. What do you charge for a filling?
Uh. Start at about $95
.......That's when I stopped going to him.
You're brother was a dentist?
He was. When he was living
Isn't that amazing?
I don't know I think every family has one.
Norman, Um, I don't want to offend you but there's a rather important little topic that I feel I have to broach.
Bill: have to broach
Norman: I beg your pardon
I don't want to offend you, but....if it's all right with you, we'd like to sleep together.
Bill: Sleep together
Norman: What do you mean?
Bill: we'd like to the same the same bed. If you don't find that offensive.
All three of you?
What? Oh,No. Just two.
You and Billy?
Not chelsea and billy
No sir
That leaves only chelsea and you then.
Why would I find that offensive? You're not planning on doing something unusual, are you?
Oh, no. Just....(give up)
That doesn't seem too offensive, as long as your're quiet.
Chelsea always used to sleep in the same bed as her husband.
Oh, I'm sure.
And Ethel and I do, you know. We sleep together. Been doing it for years.
Well, of course. But you're married and all.
Bill: Well, of course. But you're married and all.
Norman: So?
I think I'm beginning to see this more clearly. It's a moral issue isn't it.
Well, it's just we're of different generations, different mores...
Whats a more? I've never known
Um....a custom I'd say. Or something.
Go On. Forgive me for interupting.
Well, it's just a matter of points of view...
I shouldn't have interrupted.
Oh. Of course It's just that I don't want our relationship to ....
It's a terrible social program I think.
Interrupting. Not listening. The art of conversation went out with radio probably.
Or maybe with mirrors
Ever notice...................staring oat themselves in their eyeglasses when they're supposed to be listening.
Yes, I have noticed that.
It's a shifty sort of quality , I think.
I do it.
You do?
Sure ..conversations bore .....divertessement while im waiting for my turn to talk.
Pretty shabby huh?
I dont do it with ethel. SHe's so pretty, isnt she?
....make sure I havnt faded
They say your looks just go, havn't seen a sign of it
No, indeed.
what were we talking about?
Sex I believe, you were concerned that that my morals wouldn't mesh with yours.
Dont be silly, I'd be delighted to have you abusing my daughter under my own roof.
Would you like the room where I first violated her mother? or would you be intrested in the master bedroom?
Ethel and your son and I could all sleep out back and you could do it right here on the hearth. Like that Idea?
You're having a good time arn't you.
You're having a good time arn't you.
Chelsea told me about you. About how you like to have a good time with peoples heads. She does it too, sometimes, and sometimes I can get into it, sometimes..not. I just want you to know that I am very good at recognizing this crap when I hear it. You know, It's not imperative that you I become friends, but it might be nice. I'm sure your a fascinating person, and I'm sure it would be fascinating to get to know you, but that's obviously not an easy task. But it's all right, you go ahead and be as "poopy" as you want to to quote Chelsea, and I'll be as receptive and pleasant as I can. I just want you to bear in mind while your sitting there smiling at me and Jerking me around that I know precisely what your up to and I can only take so much of it. OK? Good. Now, what's the bottom line on the illicit sex question.
outspoke but nice.
Thank you
And you're right about me, I am fascinating.
I'm sure you are,
I didn't mean to weigh down our conversation we can go back to talking about sex if you'd like.
Oh,no. That's ok
I like talking about sex. Anything you want to know, just ask me.
Okay I,....I do want to make sure I have this little matter clear in my mind. Chelsea and I CAN sleep together right?
Chelsea wants you to come down, Dad. She and ethel are going skinny dipping.
Skinny dipping? Um
Go ahead, permissivness runs rampant up here on golden pond.
Are there ever any bears around these parts?
Go on dad he's just bullshitting you.
Heh, God , I hope I live through the next few days.

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