Glossary of Old Testament 12

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Who was Sauls daugther who was Davids wife?
Why were the people of Nob killed?
David fled to Nob. He go tfood from the priest by saying that he was on a mission for King Saul. Saul found out and ordered Nob destroyed and the people killed.
What was the name of Abigails husband?
What part did Abigail play?
She brought the supplies to protect her people
List some of the different occupations of David
Sheperd, soldier, musician, outlaw
Why was it a good move to make Jerusalem the capital?
Jerusalmem had never belonged to any of the twelve tribes and it was central to the northern and southern tribes
Describe when Ark of the Covenant was being brought to Jerusalem
David danced and Michal said he looked like a ridiculous fool
What is the Davidic Covenant?
The house of David will be a royal dynasty that will endure forever
David and Bathsheba?
David sees a young woman bathing on her roof and he brings her to the palace to sleep with her. She got pregnant and David brought her husband Uriah home from battle so he will sleep with Bathsheba and will think it is his child. Uriah refuses to go into his house and eventually David has Uriah but in front of the battle where he will be killed
what happened to David and Bathsheba first son
he died
Who is Jedidiah
How is the prophesy of Nathan fulfilled?
Trouble and grief in his family
What problems were encountered by Davids children?
incest, rivalries, hatred, murder and rebellion
Why was Absolam killed?
He led a rebellion against David and got his hair caught in a tree as he was fleeing from Davids army. They found him dangling and killed him
Which of Davids sons was in line for the throne?
Why was Solomon given the throne?
Nathan gets David to promise the throne to solomon
What does Solomon do to build an alliance with Egypt?
He married an Egyptian princess, a daughter of an Egyptian pharaoh
what gift does solomon seek from god?
what model is used in the building of Solomons temple?
Canaanite model
Describe the Kingdom of Israel under the rule of solomon
international empire
how many wives and how many concubines did Solomon have and what was the symbolism in the numbers
700 wives 300 concubines
7+3= 10 which means complete
completely intermarried all of the nations

what is the result of polygamy?
problems and conse
what legendary visitor did solomon have and what was her impression of solomon?
Queen of Sheba she thought solomon was brilliant
what started drawing the other nations to the god of isreal?
the wisdom of solomon
much of the wisdom literature in the bible is attributed to whom?
How did David prepare the way for the temple?
bought the land and developed the literagy
Who did Solomon turn to for help in building the temple?
King Hiriam of Tyre
The place where solomons temple was built was ...(2)
where abraham almost sacrificed Isaac
where the rock was that sealed of the gates of hell
A king was not supposed to
multiply horses, wives, or silver and gold
Why is Ishbaal called Ishbosheth?
The readers did not want to speak the name of a horrible false Canaanite god
What does bosheth in Isbosheth mean?
What group of people inhabited Jerusalem?
What tribe had failed to conquer Jerusalem?
What incentives did David offer his generals for conquering Jerusalem?
whoever killed the Jebusites first shall be chief and commander
Which general attacked Jerusalem and became the cheif under David?
Who sent craftsmen to build a palace for David?
King Hiriam of Tyre
What important decision did David make after he firmly established Jerusalem?
he decided to bring the ark of the covenant there
What happened in Davids first attempt to bring the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem?
The cart was rocking with the ark on it so a member of the procession reached out to steady it he was struck dead... it was a dismal failure.
How was David dressed and what did he do as he led the procession of the Ark?
dressed as a priest in a linen ephod
what did David do as he led the procession of the Ark?
He leaped and danced and offered sacrifices himself
What did david want to build?
a temple
what did god want david to build that was much more important
a dynasty
the covenant is made with Davids whole
The covenant is unlimited in
time and space
What became an important part of the royal gov and how was it fulfilled?
Queen Mother and fulfilled in Mary
What became a distinct office in the gov?
prime minister fulfilled in the pope
What became the primary liturgy celebrated at the temple rather than the sin offering? how fulfilled?
the thank offering fulfilled in the eucharist

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