Glossary of Nursing Week 4 Lecture Test

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What is accomplished through hygienic practices?
Cleanliness and a decrease in microorganisms
Sense of well-being, mobility, increased circulation, opportunity to build nurse-client relationship, assessment.
What are the different types of baths?
Cleaning bath
Complete bath
Self help bath
Partial bath
Towel bath
Bag bath
Tub bath
Therapeutic bath

What is a cleansing bath?
Given chiefly for hygiene purposes.
What is a therapeutic bath?
given for physical effects, such as to soothe irrated skin or to treat an area
What are the 5 observations to make related to assessment of moles and lesions?
A Asymmetry
B Border irreguarity
C Color variation
D Diameter greater than 0.5 cm
E Elevation or enlargement

What are the four primary techniques of examining?

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