Glossary of NAMP

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What is the objective of the Naval Aviation Maintenance Program?
To achieve and continually improve aviation material readiness and safety standards through the optimum us of available resources.
What Document Governs the NAMP
What is Volume I of the NAMP
Organizational and Intermediate Level Maintenance
What is Volume II of the NAMP
Depot Level Maintenance
What is Volume III of the NAMP
Maintenance Data System
What is Volume IV of the NAMP
Data Processing Requirements
What is Volume V of the NAMP
NAMP standard operating procedures
How many volumes of the NAMP are there?
What are the 3 levels of Aircraft Maintenance
Organizational, Intermediate and depot
What Maintenance level includes line operations (insp, servicing and handling)and periodic insp. of a/c and equip. associated tests?
Organizational Maintenance
What is the function of the operations maintenance div.?
Organizational Maint. at naval air stations.
What is Intermediate Maint? I-Level?
Work performed in centrally located facilities for the support of operating activities within a designated geographical area at a particular base or station, or aboard aviation ships.
What Maint. level provides technical assistance to supported units, and includes the manufacture of seleceted aeronautical components, liquids and gases?
Intermediate Maintenance
What Type of Maintenance must be done in an industrial typ facility?
Depot Level Maintenance
What is Rework?
The restorative and additive work that NADEPS, contractor facilities or other industrial type facilities perform on a/c or equipment.

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