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Created by juicyjay850

Who financed the tape industry in the 40s?
Bing Crosby
Whos career developed because of the radio?
Bing Crosby
What was Duke Ellington famous for?
Wrote for individuals in his band instead of overall sound
What instrument did Benny Goodman play?
What is a double entendre?
A double meaning
What was the importance of Chess Records?
First major independent label and for R & B music
Who is Sam Phillips?
Owner and producer at Sun Records
Why was Elvis filmed from the waist up?
Who was the first artist to use "double tracking"?
Buddy Holly
What did Jimi Hendrix and Buddy Holly have in common?
Popularized Stratocaster
First major do-wop group?
Frankie Lymon
3 types of blues?
classic, acoustic, and electric
What kind of music did Scott Joplin associate with?

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