Glossary of Music Exam III

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What is program music?

Who is it associated with, and give an example

Music associated with a story, poem, idea or scene

Associated with Hector Berlioz
ex. Symphony Fantastique

What is it called when composers use chords containing tones not found in the major or minor scale?
Chromatic Harmony
Strophic Form
Repeating the same music for each stanza of the poem

ex. Art Song- Schubert

*Easy to remember

Through-Composed Form
Writing new music for each stanza
Idee FIxe


Recurring theme associated with a particular person/ idea


Short musical idea associated with a person, object or idea


*makes up entire musical structure

Describe three aspects of nationalism in the 19th and 20th centuries
Creating music with national identity

Being proud of where you are from

Different styles of music

What general term did Wagner call his operas, why?
Music Dramas- his characters are usually larger than life- heroes and gods, demigods
How did the use of tone color change in the 20th century?
Became more important, helped create mood

Uncommon playing techniques became normal

Tone color became exploited

A motive or phrase that is repeated persistently at the same bitch throughout a section

John Adams
Nationalism -- Hungary
Neoclassicism-- russia
George Gershwin
American composer

Creator of the golden age of American musical theatre

William Grant Still
American Composer

First composition by a black composer

African American Symphony

Aaron Copland
American Composer

Scores for films reached mass public

List various musical trends to happen after 1945
Increased use of 12 tone system

Electronic music


Liberation of Sound

The use of the techniques of the 12 tone system to organize rhythm, dynamics, and tone color
Liberation of Sound
Greater exploitation of noise-like sounds, not confined to traditional instruments
New Orleans Jazz
Major center for jazz music

Dixieland Jazz Developed

Collective improvisation

Louie Armstrong

Music arranged for 14-15 people

Arranger is most important, music is planned

Duke Ellington

Song Cycle
Group of art songs unified by a story line that runs through their poems or by musical ideas linking songs
About when did the ROmantic Period end?
Speech Voice
stress on tone color, atmosphere and fluidity

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