Glossary of Microbiology Day 2

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Who was Semmelweis?
Dealt with puerperal sepsis, nosocomial infections & applications
What did Lister do? Around when?
found use for carbolic acid/phenol. Developed antiseptic surgeries. 1867
Who isolated bacteria (pure culture technique) and named the clusters "colonies"?
What did Koch prove?
Specific microbe cause a particular disease
What is spherical aberration?
When microscopes can only focus in the middle or outer ring, but not both at once.
What did Abbe do?
Perfected compound microscope by removing spherical aberration.
What do you call a process of heating liquid in order to disinfect it?
Who discovered vaccination? To what?
Pasteur, anthrax & rabies
When were viruses first discovered?
Koch discovered staining with what kind of dye?
What kind of stain is used for tuberculosis?
Acid fast stain
What did Ehrlich do? Which # finally worked? Aka? What did it do?
Discovered that atoxyl kills bacteria but not the cell, 606, salversan, cured syphilis.
Which phrase did Ehrlich coined?
What did Domagk do?
discovered sulfanilamide, precursor for sulfa drugs
Who discovered the first antibiotic? What is it?
Fleming, penicillin
What did Metchnikoff do?
Discovered phagocytosis. Begin to understand immune system.
What did Avery do? When?
Discovered that DNA transferred genetic information. 1944
What did Watson & Crick do? When?
discovered that DNA is a double helix structure, opened field of molecular biology. 1953
What did Berg do? When? When did he win a nobel peace prize?
DNA splicing. Led to genetic engineering. 1960s. 1980.
What did Mullis do?
Developed PCR, which amplifies amount of DNA. Used in identifying individuals & species.
What does PCR stand for?
polymerase chain reaction
What does DNA stand for?
dioxyribonucleic acid

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