Glossary of Micro 33 Day 6

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What did Earth stratified into?
cor, mantle, crust
What caused massive volcanic action? What spewed out?
extensive radioactive heating; gases
What is primitive "reducing" atmosphere?
A mixture of water vapor and gases which favor formation of organic molecules & keep them stable
What formed hot diluted "organic soup"?
primordial oceans
What happened about 4.6 BYA?
Earth stratified, primitive "reducing" atmosphere, primordial oceans
What happened about 4 BYA?
Rudimentary organic chemicals were formed
What were some rudimentary organic chemicals formed 4BYA?
amino acids, DNA, ATP, enzymes
What were the gases Urey & Miller used for their experiment? What were the gases that resulted?
H2O, NH3, CH4, H2;
What were the chemicals that resulted from the Urey-Miller experiment?
formic acid, HCN, amino acids, urea, lactic acid, acetic acid
What are the biological molecules formation?
Aldehyde+HCN+H2O = amino acids
Formaldehydex5 = ribose sugar
HCNx5 = purines (adenine & guanine)

What was the first enzyme formed in the Urey-Miller experiment? What is it?
Ribozyme; short segments of RNA
Fossil records from about 3.8BYA shows what kind of bacteria?
heterotrophic, anaerobic, procaryotic
What is protobiont evidence?
abiotically produced organic polymers
What happened about 2.7 BYA?
anaerobic photosynthesis
What kind of bacteria first developed anaerobic photosynthesis? Why? What did it use for hydrogen?
green & purple; in response to lack of organic material in the primordial seas; hydrogen sulfide

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