Glossary of Management 201 exam II

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change resulting fro a deliberate decision to alter the organization
planned change (internal)
change that is imposed on the organization and is often unforeseen
unplanned change (external)
change of a relatively small scope, such as making small improvements
incremental change
change of a larger scale, such as organizational restructuring
strategic change
change in which the organization moves to a radically different, and sometimes unknown, future state
transformational change
the individual or group that undertakes the task of introducing and managing a change in an organization
change agent
7 major reasons people resist change
fear of the unknown
fear of loss
fear of failure
disruption of interpersonal relationships
personality conflicts
cultural assumptions and values

the final step in Lewins change model, in which new attitudes, values, and behaviors are established as the new status quo
the first step in Lewins change model, in which individuals are encouraged to discard old behaviors by shaking up the equilibrium state that maintains the status quo
the second step in Lewins change model, in which new attitudes, values, and behaviors are substituted for old ones
how can leaders deal with resistance to change?

is a planned systematic approach to move the organization through the change transition curve
organization development (OD)
Diagnosis and needs analysis -----intervention-----follow up
Organization Development Cycle
stage of Organization Development Cycle that determine employee attitudes, solicited by questionnaire, interview, focus groups
part of the Organization Development Cycle that is designed to relax and improve communication and effectiveness of the organization
techniques for enhancing employee’s skill & value to the organization
job coaching
employee’s job and performance outcome clarified
Role negotiation
job duties & tasks are
changed to improve
to fit individuals
skill and job demand

job redesign
techniques designed to enhance leadership skills
Management/Leadership Training and Development
increasing the job knowledge, skills, and abilities that are necessary to improve job performance & personal value
skills training
5 Internal Forces of Change
Merger Acquisition
Re Organizing

4 Ethical Forces of Change
Workforce Diversity
Changing Technology
Ethical Behavior

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