Glossary of Lecture 15 Psych 345

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4 Parts of Motor disconnection:
1. right hand constructional apraxia
2. left hand agraphia
3. left hand apraxia
4. left hand alien hand

inability to write, form letters and mispelling
Left hemi lang dominance 5 things:
1. speech production
2. speech/reading comprhension
3. grammar comprhension
4. written language
5. symbolic gesture

Speech production is dominante in the __ hemi and __ hemi can produce __ words
L, R, simple
L hemi can do speech/reading comph at a __ level and R hemi can do it at __ year old level
normal, 10
__ hemi proficient in grammar comphrension and __ hemi stuck in active voic
L, R
L hemi good at __ production for writing
In aphasia, the module for writing is damaged making it possible to occur in __ hands, while in split brain the __ __ is disconnected
both, corpus collosum
What did JW/DR show on the word display to the LVF/L hand and the RVF/R hand task?
RVF/R hand: can write and read word b/c it is going to the L hemi
LVF/ L hand: cannot write or read word b/c it is going to the R hemi
L hand agraphia, R hand intact

What is the L and R hemi basis for L hand agraphia?
L hemi: programs for writing (grapho motor module)
R hemi: motor control of L hand
The L hemi has superiorty to deal with symbolic __ and this can be seen in __ __ __: inability to generate skilled non verbal gestures
gestures, left hand apraxia
L and R hemi basis for L hand apraxia:
L hemi: programs for motor gesture
R hemi: motor control of L hand
What is the alien hand sign?
L hand percieved as belonging to someone else
L hand usually alien hand b/c:
L hemi is the interpretor/narrator of the subjective experience, L hand has a mind of it's own, no command from L hemi
What did the Redundant and Mixed probe test show for split brain (JW/DR) and controls?
Redundant: JW perform worse than controls
Mixed: JW no change in peformance from reduant, better than controls b/c hemi not sharing info
Why are the results what they are for the redundant and mixed probe test for split brain and controls?
Controls: redundant info is helpful, mixed is hard b/c cross talk and confusion w/ shared info b/w hemi
Split brain: don't have the sharing aren't confused
R hemi well at follwing __ and both hemi serve as separate __ devices in the Independent Minds
Two strategies for the guessing game?
1. maximizing: respond based on most frequent/probable
2. matching: try and infer a pattern
Different guessing game strategies L hemi and R hemi
L hemi: intepretive strategy: interpret existing pattern
R hemi: maximize: prob and feq
What does the L hemi peference for Maximizing say about being an interpreter?
tries to make sense of the world, find patterns and draw conclusions
Three things Gazzangia says of L hemi interpreter:
1. tries to make sense of world
2. find causal relations, patterns and meaning when sometimes doesn't exist
3. l hemi lang dom to promote causal realation/narrative

why were disconnection effects orignially missed?
1. didn't ensure lateralization w/ tachistoopic
2. not complete callostomies - may have some CC connnections and shared info b/w hemi

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