Glossary of Latin AP Vergil Vocab A

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abdo, abdere, abdidi, abditus
to put away, hide, shut up, plunge
abduco, abducere, abduxi, abductus
to lead away, draw back
abeo, abire, abivi/ii, abiturus
to go away, depart, withdraw, deviate
abhorreo, abhorrēre, abhorrui
to shrink from, shudder at
abies, abietis, f.
spruce, fir
abluo, abluere, ablui, ablutus
to wash off, purify, cleanse
abnego, are, avi, atus
to deny, reuse
abnuo, abnuere, abnui, abnuts
to refuse, decline, reject
aboleo, abolēre, abolevi, abolitus
to blot out, remove, destroy
abripio, abripere, abripui, abreptus
to snatch away, to snatch, seize
abrumpo, abrumpere, abrupi, abruptus
to break off, break, destroy, violate
abruptum, -i, n.
precipice, abyss
abscindo, abscindere, abscondi/didi, absconditus
to put away, conceal,hide, lose sight of
absens, absentis
absent, distant, left behind
absisto, absistere, abstiti
to withdraw or depart from, cease, desist; forbear
abstineo, abstinēre, abstinui, abstentus
to hold back, refrain; restrain (oneself)
abstrudo, abstrudere, abstrusi, abstrusus
to thrust away, hide
absum, abesse, a/abfui, afuturus
to be absent or away from, be distant, be wanting
absumo, absumere, absumpsi, absumptus
to take away, consume, devour, destroy
and, and also
accedo, accedere, accessi, accessurus
to come or go to, draw near, approach
accelero, are, avi, atus
to hasten
accendo, accendere, accendi, accensus
to set on fire, kindle, inflame, excite, arouse, enrage, inspire
accessus, -us, m.
accido, accidere, accidi, accisus
to cut into, hew
accingo, accingere, accinxi, accinctus
to gird, to gird oneself, make ready, equip, resort to
accipio, accipere, accepi, acceptus
to take to oneself, admit, let in, receive, accept, welcome, hear, learn, conceive
accitus, -us, m.
acclivis, is, e
sloping, ascending
accommodo, are, avi, atus
to fit, adjust, gird on
accubo, accubare, accubui, accubiturus
to lie, recline near
accumbo, accumbere, accubui, accubiturus
to recline at (a table), to take one's place at a table
accumulo, are, avi, atus
to heap up, heap high, load; honor
accurro, accurrere, accurri(cucurri), accursus
to run or hasten to
acer, acris, acre
sharp, keen, fierce, violent, stern severe, ardent, zealous, spirited, valiant
acerbus, a, um
sour, bitter, harsh, implacable, cruel, savage, untimely
acernus, a, um
of maple wood, maple
acerra, ae, f.
incense box, censer
acervus, i, m
pointed pile, heap, pile
acies, aciei, f.
sharp edge, edge; keen vision, sight, eye; battle line, battle array
acta, ae, f.
shore, beach, strand
acuo, acuere, acui, acutus
to sharpen
acutus, a, um
sharpened, sharp, pointed, jagged
addico, addicere, addixi, addictus
to assent to, yeild, resign oneself
addo, addere, addidi, additus
to give in addition, put to, put on, add, lend
adductus, a, um
drawn, drawn tight, strained, contracted
to that point or degree, so, in fact, actually, precisely, just, even
adeo, adire, adivi/ii, aditus
to go to, approach, reach, visit, encounter, meet, aspire to
adfatus, us, m.
adfecto, are, avi, atus
to make for, seize
adfero, adferre, attuli, adlatus
to bring
adfigo, adfigere, adfixi, adfixus
to fasten, attach to
adfligo, adfligere, adflixi, adflictus
to shatter, cast down
adflo, are, avi, atus
to breathe upon, inspire
adfluo, adfluere, adfluxi
to flow to, come (to)
adfor, adfari, adfatus
to address, speak to
adglomero, are, avi, atus
to gather at + dat
agredior, agredi, agressus
to go to, attack, address, attempt
adhaereo, adhaerēre, adhaesi, adhaesurus
to cling
adhibeo, adhibēre, adhibui, adhibitus
to have present, invite
hitherto, till now, as yet, still
adigo, adigere, adegi, adactus
to drive to, drive, hurl, force
adimo, adimere, ademi, ademptus
to take to oneself, take away, pluck out, snatch away
adicio/adjicio, adjicere, adjeci, adjectus
to throw at, add
adjuvo, adjuvare, adjuvi, adjutus
to aid, assist
adlabor, adlabi, adlapsus,
to glide to
adligo, are, avi, atus
to hold (to), bind
adloquor, adloqui, adlocutus
to speak to, address
admiror, admirari, admiratus
to wonder at, be surprised at
admitto, admittere, asmisi, admissus
to admit
admoneo, admonēre, admonui, admonitus
to warm, admonish, remind
admoveo, admovēre, admovi, admotus
to move or bring to, waft to, offer
adnitor, adniti, adnixus
to strive, strain every nerve, lean on
adno, are, avi, atus
to swim to, float to
adnuo, adnuere, adnui, adnutus
to nod assent, promise
adoleo, adolēre, adolui (adolevi) adoltus
to magnify, honor, worship, offer
adoperio, adopire, adoperui, adopertus
to cover
adorior, adoriri, adortus
to attempt
adoro, are, avi, atus
to pray to, worship, adore
adparo, are, avi, atus
to prepare
adquiro, adquiere, adquisivi, adquisitus
to acquire, gain
adsentio, adsentire, adsensi, adsensus
to assent, agree
adservo, are, avi, atus
to guard, watch
adsiduus, a, um
constant, unceasing
adsimilis, is, e
adspiro, are, avi, atus
to breathe or blow upon, favor, smile upon
adstringo, adstringere, adstrixi, adstrictus
to contract, congeal
adsuesco, adsuecere, adsuevi, adsuetus
to make familiar to
adsultus, us, m.
attack, assault
adsum, adesse, adfui, adfuturus
to be at hand, be present, be near, be at, appear, assist, be propitious
adsurgo, adsurgere, adsurrexi, adsurrecturus
to rise
adulterium, i, n.
adultus, a, um
adult, full grown
aduro, adurere, adussi, adustus
to burn
adveho, advehere, advexi, advectus
to carry to, passive- sail to
advelo, are, avi, atus
to veil, wreathe
advena, ae, m or f.
stranger, foreigner
advenio, advenire, advēni, adventurus
to come to, come
advento, are, avi, atus
come or draw near, approach
adventus, us, m.
coming, approach, arrival
adversor, adversari, adversatus
to oppose, resist
adversus, a, um
turned towards, fronting, facing, opposing, face to face, adverse
advoco, are, avi, atus
to call (to oneself), to summon
advolvo, advolvere, advolvi, advolutus
to roll to or toward
adverto, advertere, adverti, adversus
to turn to or toward, to turn (the mind) to, to give heed, note, notice
adytum, i, n.
aedes, aedis, f.
hearth, plural: apartments, house, dwelling
aedifico, are, avi, atus
to build
aeger, aegra, aegrum
sick, sickly, diseased, weary, weak, suffering, wretched, anxious, distressed, heartsick, pining
aemulus, a, um
rivalling, competing, envious, jealous
aenus, a, um
of bronze, brazen
aenum,i, n.
kettle, cauldron
aequaevus, a, um
of the same or equal age
aequalis, is, e
equal, like
as a noun: aequalis, is m. companion, comrade
aequo, are, avi, atus
to make, equal, adjust, equal, match, do justice to, requite
aequatus, a, um
made even, regular, abreast
aequor, aequoris, n.
a level surface, surface of the sea, sea, waters, wave, billow
aequoreus, a, um
of the sea
aequus, a, um
even, level, just, fair, equal
aequum, i, n.
aer, aeris, m.
air, breeze, mist, cloud
aeratus, a, um
made of or covered with bronze, brazen
aereus, a, um
made of or plated with bronze, brazen
aeripes, aeripedis
bronze footed, bronze hoofed
aerius, a, um
airy, high, lofty, towering
aes, aeris, n.
copper, bronze, anything made from copper or bronze (ex: shield, trumpet, cauldron etc.)
aesculetum,i, n.
oak forest
aestas, aestatis, f.
summer, summer air
aestivus, a, um
of summer
aestuo, are, avi, atus
to boil, burn, seethe, surge
aestuosus, a, um
summerlike, sweltering
aestus, us, m.
heat, flame, tide, sea, strait, flood, waters
aetas, aetatis, f.
age, old age, years, time
forever, unceasingly, eternal
aeternus, a, um
everlasting, eternal, undying, endless
aether, aetheris, m.
upper air, ehter, air, vault of heavem, sky, heaven, upper world
aetherius, a, um
of the ether, of heaven, heavenly, celestial
aethra, ae, f.
sky, firmament
aevum, i, n.
age, time, old age
affabilis, is, e
easily addressed
agerm agri, m.
field, land
agger, aggeris, m.
heap, mound, elevation, embankment, dike, rampart
aggero, aggerere, aggessi, aggestus
to bear to, heap upon
aggero, are, avi, atus
to heap up, increase
agitator, agitatoris, m.
driver, charioteer
agito, are, avi, atus
to drive with violence, chase, torment, harass, persecute; speed, hasten
agmen, agminis, n.
army, column, train, orderly array, formation, rank, line, mass, herd, flock
agna, ae, f.
a ewe lamb
agnosco, agnoscere, agnovi, agnitus
to recognize
agnus, i, m.
ago, agere, egi, actus
to do, drive, pursue, conduct, steer, bring, exectue, leade, impel, compel, force, spend, pass, treat
agrestis, is, e
of the country, country, rustic
agricola, ae, m.
farmer, peasant
ala, ae, f.
alacer (alacris), alacris, alacre
active, eager, joyful
alatus, a, um
albesco, albescere
to grow white, dawn
albus, a, um
ales, alitis
ales, alitis, m. or f.
winged creature, bird
alienus, a, um
of another, another's, foreign
aliger, aligera, aligerum
alimenat, alimentorum,
alipes, alipedis
wing footed
aliqui/aliquis, aliqua, aliquod
some, any
aliquis, aliquid
someone, anyone
alius, alia, aliud
another, other, else
almus, a, um
nourishing, fostering, propitious, benign, benignant, kindly, gracious, genial
alo, alere, alui, altus (alitus)
to nourish, feed, sustain, support, encourage, strengthen, rear, cherish
altaria, altarium,
high, on high, aloft
alter, altera, alterum
one of the two, the other, another, second
the one...the other
alterno, are, avi, atus
to do by turns, to waver, hesitate
alternus, a, um
one after the other, in turn, by turns, alternate
altrix, alticis f.
altus, a, um
high, on high, lofty, aloft, deep, profound, noble, exalted
altum, i, n.
heaven, sea, the deep
alumnus, i, m.
nursling, foster child, child, son
alveus, i, m.
hollow cavity, hold of a ship; boat
alvus, i, f.
belly, body
amans, amantis m. or f.
loving, fond, noun: lover
amaracus, i, m or f.
ambages, ambagis, f.
turning, winding, intricacy, riddle, mystery, details
ambedo, ambedere, ambedi, ambesus
to gnaw around,eat, devour, chat
ambiguus, a, um
wavering, vacillating, uncertain, undecided, twofold, double, treacherous, insinuating, obscure
ambio, ambire, ambivi/ii, ambitus
to go around, surround, encircle, approach
ambrosius, a, um
ambrosial, divine, immortal, lovely
amens, amentis
senseless, frantic, distracted, amazed
amico, amicire, amicui/amicixi, amicitus
to throw around, wrap, envelop, veil
amictus, us, m.
outer garment, mantle, robe, veil
amicus, a, um
amicus, i, m.
amitto, amittere, amisi, amissus
to send away, let go, lose
amnis, is, m.
river, stream, torrent
amo, are, avi, atus
to love, cherish, hug
amoenus, a, um
loving, charming, delightful
amor, amoris, m.
love, affecftion, fondness, passion, longing, yearning, eagerness, desire, lust, object of love, love charm
amoveo, amovēre, amovi, amotus
to take away, remove
amphora, ae, f.
a large storage jar
amplector, amplecti, amplexus
to twine about, wind about, encircle, enfold, embrace
amplexus, us, m.
more, larger
amplus, a, um
grand, roomy, spacious, splendid, glorious
amputo, are, avi, atus
to cut off
an, anne
anceps, ancipitis
double, twofold, doubtful, dubious, perplexing, wavering
ancora, ae, f.
anguis, is, m or f.
serpent, snake
angustus, a, um
angustum, i, n.
a narrow place
anhelitus, a, um
panting, heaving
anhelo, are, avi, atus
to breathe with difficulty, pant
anhelus, a, um
panting, heaving
anilis, is, e
old woman's, old-womanish
anima, ae, f.
breath, breath of life, life, existance, shade, soul, spirit
animal, animalis, n.
living being, animal
animo, are, avi, atus
to become alive
animosus, a, um
spirited, proud
animula, ae, f
soul, spirit
animus, i, m.
soul, spirit, heart, disposition, affection, temper, courage, daring, passion, mind, feeling etc.
annalis, is, e
yearly, annual
annales, annalium, m. pl
annals, recital, account, story
annus, i, m.
year, season
annus, a, um
annual, yearly
before, beforehand, previously, hitherto, sooner, in front of, above, beyond
antefero, anteferre, antetuli, antelatus
to carry before, put before, prefer
antemna, ae, f.
sail yard
antequam (ante...quam)
sooner...than, before
of old
antiquus, a, um
of olden times, of old, ancient, old, aged, former, time-honored, long standing
antrum, i, n.
cave, cavern, grotto
anus, us, f.
old woman
aper, apri, m.
wild boar
aperio, aperire, aperui, apertus
to open, uncover, lay bare, show, disclose, reveal, divide, make a way through
apertus, a, um
open, clear
apex, apicis, m.
tip, point, summit
apis, is, f.
appareo, apparēre, apparui, appariturus
to appear, become visible, be disclosed, be seen
appello, are, avi, atus
to call, name, declare, proclaim
appello, appellere, appuli, appulsus
to drive to, bring to
appeto, appetere, appetivi, appetitus
to seek
applico, are, avi, atus
to drive to, direct to
apricus, a, um
exposed to the sun, sunny, sun-loving
apto, are, avi, atus
to fit, adjust, fit out, equip, prepare
aptus, a, um
fitted, studded with

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