Glossary of Language Prod 1: Speech Errors

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Please explain the difference between the MODULAR and INTERACTIVE explanation for why closed class items get stranded (whereas open class items get moved)
Modular: Closed class items part of the syntactic frame

Interactive: Closed class items are more frequent

Name three phonetic level constraints
phonactic constraint (legal sounds)
positional constraint (dear != read)

name the 5 features of a conversation
Personnel, common ground, action sequences, adjacency pairs, contribution
name the 3 informational demands of a conversation
Discourse record, mental model, intonation units
name the 3 procedural demands of a conversation
locally managed, pre-sequences, adjusting for misunderstandings
3 phases of writing process
planning, translating, reviewing
three characteristics of poor writers
local coherence, no global coherence, they do not plan or revise
three characteristics of good writers
global coherence, problem solving, planning/revision

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