Glossary of Johnny Tremain Chapters 5-8

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Discomfiture (n.)
Defeat of plans or hopes; frustration
Fagot (n.)
Bundle of sticks of twigs tied together for fuel
Revel (v.)
Take great pleasure in
Imperturbable (adj.)
Not easily excited or disturbed; calm
Obdurate (adj.)
Stubborn or unyielding; hardened in feelings or heart
Pullet (n.)
A young hen
Persevere (v.)
Continue steadily in doing something hard; stick to a purpose
Paroxysm (n.)
A sudden outburst of emotion or activity
Sedition (n.)
Incitement to discontent or rebellion, usually against a government
Commandeer (v.)
Seize private property for military or public use
Genealogy (n.)
Descent of a person or family from an ancestor; pedigree; lineage
Pique (n./v.)
A feeling of anger at being slighted; wounded pride

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