Glossary of Intro to Short Fiction

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the center of the story and holds it all together
Rising action?
The conflict to make the story interesting
highest point of action; the turning point
Falling action?
follow in result of the climax
result of the plot
introducing an image or event that will hint at something later on
Dramatic irony?
when the readers' awareness is more informed than the character
the story unravels and something is revealed
any person part of a narrative; sometimes non-human
main character, the action is usually the resolution of an internal or external conflict
character in real or imagined opposition to the protaganist
Verbal Irony?
The reader's awareness of a discrepancy between the real meaning of the situation being presented and the literal meaning of the author's words in presenting it
an unchanging character
stories that come from tradition of a culture and can tell people what they were trying to teach their children
habitual manner of expression of an author
a use of pathos when it's past pity, but using a combo of humor and pity
First person point of view?
When narrator takes part in the story
The central, unifying point or idea that is made concrete, developed,and explored in the action and the imagery of a work of fiction
The place and time in which a story's action takes place; the culture and ways of life of a character
Omniscience point of view?
the ability of an author to tell the reader directly about any events that have occurred in the plot and the thoughts and feelings of any character
Limited Omniscience POV?
the ability of a third-person narrator to tell the reader the same thing as omniscience, but only about one particular character
Third person POV?
the telling of a story by a detached narrator
a term referring to the specific manner chosen by the author to tell the story; includes elements of POV and style
a narrative in which characters, places, things, and events represent general quality and are meant to reveal an abstract truth.
the telling of a story in a manner that is faithful to the reader's experience of real life
extreme form of realism; authors present their work as scientific observation of a world in which people's acts are stricly determined by their nature and the nature of their surroundings
Steam of consciousness?
when an author attempts to capture the flow of a character's thoughts

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