Glossary of Intro to Psychology Quiz 1

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scientific study of human behavior and mental processes
goals of psychology
description, explanation, prediction, influence
goal is to ID and classify behaviors and mental processes as accurately as possible
goal is to propose reasons for behaviors and mental processes
goal is to offer an educated guesses about how a given condition or set of conditions will affect behaviors and mental processes
goal is to use the results of research to solve practical problems that involve behavior and mental processes
founders of psychology
watson, freud, maslow and rogers, miller
Study of behavior (by observation). Behavior is determined by factors of the environment.
Watson: Behaviorism
Individuals do not consciously control their thoughts, feelings and behavior; these are instead determined by unconscious forces
Freud: psychoanalysis
focuses on the uniqueness of human beings and their capacity for choice, growth and psychological health.
Maslow and Rogers: Humanistic psychology
Humans are active participants in their environment. They alter and shape their experience.
Miller: Cognitive

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