Glossary of Immunological Antibodies

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Name all the immune system antiboies
IgG, IgM, IgA, IgD, IgE
The most versatile antibody
Immunoglobin G
What is agglutination reaction?
When blood clumps so that antigens precipitate out, makes phagocytosis easy
How does IgG neutralize toxins?
It blocks their active sites
What is anti-viral activity?
Blocking the viral attachments to the cell
Which antibody has anti viral activity?
Immunoglobin G
Which antibody is predominant in the second exposure antigen?
Immunoglobin G
How does IgG become predominant in the second exposure of an antigen?
Memory cells produce IgG and grants long lived immunity
Another name for Second Exposure of an Antigen
Amnestic Response
Which antibody has the cell mediated cytotoxicity biological property?
Immunoglobin G
Where are antibodies made?
B lymphocytes
When IgG binds to antigens what happens next?
It increases the activity of NK cells
Which antibody has Opsonizing activity?
Immunoglobin G
What is opsonizing activity?
When antibodies enhance phagocytosis when bound to antigens (because macrophages and PMN\'s have receptors for the Fc portion of IgG)
Name the IgG structure
Where is IgG located?
Blood vessels, extracellular compartments and breast milk. (Crosses placenta and serum half life 23 days)
Serum half life of 23 days
Crosses the placenta
How many subclasses does IgG have?
Which subclass in IgG cannot cross the placenta?
Subclss 2
Used in passive immunizations
Erythroblastosis fetalis is when
A mom has IgG antibodies to the fetal Rh group the fetus will get hemolytic disease of a newborn
Erythroblastosis fetalis only happens if
The mom is Rh negative and the fetus Rh positive
What happens if IgG passes through the placenta in erythroblastosis fetlis?
The anti-Rh antibodies will destroy the fetal Red Blood Cells
Which antibody is formed first in an immune response?
Immunoglobin M
If there are too many of these antibodies it indicates infection

Immunoglobin M
Low levels of IgM means infection
IgA is formed in response to active immunization
False its IgM
Most efficient agglutinating antibody
Most efficient complement fixing antibody
How many IgG molecules are needed for complement fixing?
How many IgM molecules are needed for complement fixing?

IgM structure
Pentameter- five sub-units that are held together by a j-chain
The pentamer in IgM is mostly found in?
Longest half life
Serum half life of 5 days
A fetus begins producing IgM when?
5 months
Antibody that is responsible for ABO blood types
What is another name for IgM?
Natural Isohemagglutinin antibodies
IgM antibodies are specific for?
Red blood cell polysaccharides
IgM cannot pass through the placenta what does this mean?
This means that the mom and fetus can safely have diff. ABO blood types
Name the antibodies from highest to lowest half life
IgG, IgM, IgA, IgD and IgE
Predominant in Ig secretions
IgA is the least produced antibody?
False it\'s the most
IgA blocks what kind of attachment?
It blocks bacteria to attach to mucosal surfaces
IgA has no agglutination reaction
Which antibody does not activate complement?
Which antibody can activate alternative complement pathway?
Where is IgA antibodies found?
Tears, saliva, sweat, colostrum, urine, gastric fluid, and mucus
Has a half life of 5.5 days?
IgD has a half life of?
2.8 days
Has the shortest half life?
IgE for 2 days
IgE has the highest concentration of all Ig
False, lowest
IgA has how many subclasses?
How many subclasses does IgD have?
IgE has 1 subclass?
Which antibody has no serum function?
Which antibody is found on the surface of B lymphocytes?
Name the structure of IgE
Monomer with an extra CH domain.
IgE binds to?
Basophils and mast cells
Why do basophils and mast cells keep IgE concetration low?
Because free IgE is quickly bound to these cells
What happens when IgE binds to basophils and mast cells?
It causes mast and basophil cells to release granules of histamine, heparin and leukotrienes.
What do basophil and mast cells release?
Granules of histamine, heparin and leukotrienes.
Helps protect against parasites
How does IgE protect against parasites?
By attracting eosinophils to the parasite.
IgD is easily degraded by
proteolytic enzymes
IgA structure
J chain and S component
Antibody structure secreted as a dimer?
The S component in the IgA structure is created in
Epithelial cells
Why is the S component attached to the dimer?
To allow secretion through the epitheial layers and protect it from proteolysis(digestion)in the GI tract

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