Glossary of Humanistic Latin Vocab 1

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iter, itineris, n
walk, way, journey, course
fatum, i, n
an utterance; destiny, fate
conspectus, us, m
look, sight, view, appearance
impetus, us, m
a making for; attack, onset; impulse, passion, force
fama, ae, f
talk, report, rumour, tradition
insignis, e
distinguished, remarkable, notable
late, adv
broadly, widely
conspectus, a, um
visible, striking, remarkable, conspicuous
fere, adv
almost, nearly
aliquando, adv
at some time; at any time, once; sometimes
quotidie, adv
daily, every day
praecipue, adv
especially, chiefly, particularly, principally
pridie, adv
on the day before
relego, relegere, relegi, relectum
to gather up again, collect again; go over again
apud + acc
at, near, by, with, among
occurro, occurrere, occurri, occursum
to run to meet, hasten to meet; to fall upon, attack; to come in the way; come into the thoughts; occur
postquam, conj
after, when
conscendo, ere
to ascend, mount, go up
credo, credere, credidi, creditum
to trust, entrust
comperio, comperire, comperi, compertum
to find out, discover
compertus, a, um
known, undoubted
semotus, a, um
removed, remote, distant
evolvo, evolvere
to roll out, roll forth, spread; unroll; extricate, disentangle, detach; unravel, disclose, explain
refert, referre, retulit, impers.
it matters, it conerns, it makes a difference
refero, referre, retuli, relatum
to carry back, bring back, restore; to repeat, answer
favitor, oris, m;
fautor, oris, m
one who favours; patron, sponsor
ceterum, adv
for the rest, otherwise
omissus, a, um
negligent, remiss
excusabilis, e
privatus, a, um
senex, senis
old, aged; an old person
carpo, carpere, carpsi, carptum
to pluck, pluck off, select, choose out; proceed; carp at, slander; consume, weaken; break up, separate, divide
mirus, a, um
wonderful, astonishing
adeo, adv
to that point, so far
adeo, adire, adii, aditus
to go/come to, approach
exactus, a, um
accurate, precise, exact
segnis, e
slow, slothful, tardy, sluggish
procacitas, atis, f
shamelessness, impudence
pinguis, e
macies, ei, f
leanness, thinness
dehortor, ari, dep
to discourage, dissuade
recuso, are
to object to, protest against, refuse
fio, fieri, factus sum
to be made, come into existence; to be done, happen
delicatus, a, um
dainty, nice, soft, tender, fastidious
delectatio, onis, f
delight, pleasure
appetens, entis
eager, desirous
libro, librare, libravi, libratus
to balance, poise, keep in equilibrium; to swing, level, brandish
molestus, a, um
burdensome, troublesome, annoying, irksome
verto, vertere, verti, versum
to turn, turn round
germanus, i, m
own brother
probe, adv
well, rightly, fitly, properly, excellently
aperio, aperire, aperui, apertum
to uncover, lay bare; reveal; open
gratulor, gratulari, gratulatus sum
to wish a person joy, congratulate, give solemn thanks
vesper, eris, m
evening; the west
vespera, ae, f
ad vesperam
towards evening
singulus, a, um (freq. pl)
single, separate, one at a time, one alone, one each
moles, is, f
a shapeless mass; a mass of rock
improbus, a, um
pastor, oris, m
a herd; shepherd
aetas, aetatis, f
age; a lifetime; time, epoch
convexus, a, um
vaulted, arched, convex; sloping downwards
enixus (enisus), a, um
eager, strenuous
enitor, eniti, enisus sum
to bring forth, bear; to struggle upwards; mount, climb, strive
amictus, us, m
garment, covering
vepres, vepris, m
a thorn-bush, briar-bush
ausum, i, n
a daring deed, undertaking
quisquam, quaequam, quidquam
anybody, anyone, anything
monitor, oris, m
one who reminds; a prompter; adviser, instructor
animadverto, vertere, verti, versum
to turn or give the mind to, take notice of, attend to, perceive, observe; blame, censure, punish
nitor, niti, nisus/nixus sum
to rest, lean, support oneself (+abl); to press on, climb, ascend
nequequam, adv
in vain, fruitlessly, to no purpose
aliquantulus, a, um
little, small
aliquantulum, adv
a little
rupes, rupis, f
rock, cliff
ostendo, ostendere, ostendi, ostentum/ostensum
to hold out, show, display
callis, callis, m
a narrow track, footpath; upland pastures
ingemino, ingeminare, ingeminavi, ingeminatus
to redouble, increase
digredior, digredi, digressus sum
to go apart, go asunder, separate, depart; deviate, digress
dimitto, dimittere, dimisi, dimissum
to send forth, send away, let go, dismiss; give up, leave, renounce, abandon
penes +acc
in the possession of, in the power of, in the keeping of; with, belonging to
quispiam, quaepiam, quodpiam
anyone, anything, someone, something
dumtaxat, adv
exactly, at least, not less than, at most, not more than
accingo, accingere, accinxi, accinctum
to gird to/on, to equip, arm
alacer, alacris, alacre
quick, lively, animate
ascensus, us, m
a going up, climbing up, ascent
conatus, us, m
an exertion, effort, impulse, inclination
velox, velocis,
swift, rapid, quick, fleet
subsequor, subsequi, subsecutus sum
to follow, follow after
procul, adv
far off, at a distance
subsisto, subsistere, substiti, --
to halt, stand, come to a stand, stay, remain
proveho, provehere, provexi, provectum
to carry forward, carry on, advance, raise, promote
praesertim, adv
especially, chiefly
compendiarius, a, um
short, quick (of routes)
iugum, i, n
yoke, collar, couple; ridge; mountain heights
mollis, molle
soft, tender, pliant, flexible, supple, yielding
vergo, vergere, versi, --
to turn, bend, be inclined, lie, incline
aditus, us, m
a going to, approach, access
incendo, incendere, incendi, incensus
to kindle, set on fire, burn, illumine
ignavia, ae, f
idleness, listlessness, cowardice
praetendo, praetendere, praetendi, praetentum
to stretch or hold out; to place before; to pretend
excusatio, onis, f
an excuse, plea, defence
excelsus, a, um
lofty, high, elevated, distinguished, eminent
excelsum, i, n
height, eminence
teneo, tenere, tenui, tentum
to hiold
mitis, mite
mild, soft, ripe, gentle
aliunde, adv
from some other direction
pateo, patere, patui, --
to be open, stand open, lie open
nihilum, i, n
accessus, us, m
an approach to, approach, access, entrance
ingravesco, ingravescere, --
to grow heavy, become a burden, become troublesome, become weary
cresco, crescere, crevi, cretum
to come into existence, spring forth, arise; grow, increase in size
taedium, i, n
disgust, weariness, boredom
conficio, conficere, confeci, confectum
to make together; finish; make ready; bring about, accomplish
perplexus, a, um
confused, intricate, entangled; obscure, ambiguous
penitus, adv
inwardly, internally, deeply
penitus, a, um
inner, inward, itnernal
operio, operire, operui, opertum
to cover, bury; overwhelm; cover, conceal; close, shut up
reficio, reficere, refeci, refectum
to make again, restore, repair; to choose again; refresh, revive; to receive, get back again
accubitus, us, m
the act of reclining at table; reclining
attingo, attingere, attigi, attactum
to touch; to arrive at a place; to border upon, touch upon; to attack, strike; to affect; to concern; to resemble; to mention
fessus, a, um
weary, tired, exhausted
incedo, incedere, incessi, incessum
to walk, march, step, advance, proceed
aliquanmdiu, adv
for some time
vixdum, adv
hardly yet
anfractus, us, m
a turning, bend, winding
deicio, deicere, deieci, deiectus
to throw, cast, hurl down
iterum, adv
again, a second time
sector, sectari, sectatus sum
to follow eagerly, accompany; harass, chase; to strive after, try to get or find out
peragro, peragrare, peragravi, peragratus
to wander through, pass through, travel through
nempe, conj
forsooth, truly, certainly, to be sure
differo, differre, distuli, dilatum
to put off, delay, postpone, be different; to carry in different directions, spread abroad, scatter; harass, disturb
molestia, ae, f
annoyance, troublesomeness
ingenium, i, n
nature, disposition, character, temperament
pervenio, pervenire, perveni, perventum
to come through to, arrive at, reach, attain to
risus, us, m
laughing, laughter
contingo, contingere, contigi, contactus
to touch, affect, infect, reach; happen, befall (+dat)
indignans, indignantis
impatient, offended
intra, adv
within, inside
intra +acc
inside, within, during, in the space of
deludo, deludere, delusi, delusum
to mock, cheat, delude
quidam, quaedam, quoddam
a certain person or thing; a kind of, so to speak
consido, considere, consedi, consessum
to sit down, settle
volucer, volucris, volucre
flying, winged
transilio, transilire, transilui, --
to spring over, leap across
compello, compellare, compellavi, compellatus
to address, accost, call by name; reproach, chide, rebuke
totiens, adv
so often, so many times
expers, expertis
having no part in, not sharing in; wanting in, lacking in, destitute of (+gen)
scitus, a, um
knowing, shrewd, sensible, judicious
scitum, in, n
decree, statute, ordinance
accendo, accendere, accendi, accensum
to kindle, set on fire; to kindle, fire, inflame, excite
idcirco, adv
on that account, for that reason, for that purpose
perpendo, perpendere, perpendi, perpensum
to weigh carefully, consider, examine
equidem, adv
indeed, truly, for my part; of course, certainly, admittedly
dispono, disponere, diposui, dispositum
to put in different places, to distribute; to arrange, put in order, dispose
parum, adv
too little, not enough
potior, potiri, potitus sum
to get possession of, obtain, possess (+acc, abl, gen)
oportet, oportere, oportuit, impers
it behoves, it is proper, one should
fallo, fallere, fefelli, falsum
to deceive
nimius, a, um
very great, very much; excessive
nimium, i, n
much, a great deal; excess, too much
infimus, a, um
inferus, a, um
below, beneath, underneath
expeditus, a, um
unshackled, unimpeded
veruntamen, adv
but yet, notwithstanding, nevertheless
convallis, convallis, f
a valley shut in on all sides
procumbo, procumbere, procubui, procubitum
to lean or bend forward; to fall down, sink down
horreo, horrere, horrui, --
to bristle, shudder at, dread
ominor, ominari, ominatus sum
to presage, prophesy, predict
cruciatus, us, m
torture, torment
quantum, adv
how much
quantus, a, um
of what size, how great
erigo, erigere, erexi, erectum
to set up, place upright, lift up, erect
utinam, adv
would that! o that!
perago, peragere, peregi, peractum
to pass through, go through; go over, mention; to carry through, finish, complete, accomplish
suspiro, suspirare, suspiravi, suspiratus
to draw a deep breath, sigh; sigh for, long for
hodiernus, a, um
of today
annona, ae, f
yearly produce; crop; price
longe, adv
a long way off, far, at a distance, at length, far-fetched, by far
ictus, us, m
blow, strike
trepido, trepidare, trepidavi, trepidatus
to be agitated, be busy and anxious, bustle about; to waver confusedly, to fear, be anxious about
moribundus, a, um
dying, expiring, subject to death, mortal; causing death, deadly
obsequium, i, n
compliance, complaisance, submission; indulgence; pliancy
caducus, a, um
fallen, falling
membrum, i, n
limb, member, part
fascia, ae, f
bandage, band
gravis, e
heavy, weighty
silvestris, e
belonging to woods, covered with trees, wooded; wild, rural, pastoral
suspicor, suspicari, suspicatus sum
to mistrust, suspect; suppose
planities, ei, f
plain, plateau
conquiesco, conquiescere, conquievi, conquietus
to rest, take repose, pause
quisnam, quaenam, quidnam
who? what?
relego, relegere, relegi, relectus
to read again, reread
permoveo, permovere, permovi, permotus
to stir up, move deeply; influence; agitate
sto, stare, steti, status
to stand, remain
dehinc, adv
hereafter, henceforth, then, after that, next
acetum, i, n
vinegar; sourness; sharpness of wit
disto, distare, --
to stand apart, be distant, be different
better, preferable, superior; more useful, more important
potius, adv
rather, more, preferably
increpo, increpare, increpavi, increpatus
to rattle, snap, clash, make a noise
mollities, ei, f
softness, tenderness
increpo, increpare, increpui, increpitus
to rebuke, chide, reprove, protest at
virilis, e
manly, virile, mature
affectus, us, m
disposition, state, mood, emotion; affection, passion, love
quamvis, adj
however much
quamvis, adv
utrubique, adv
in both places, in both cases
desum, deesse, defui, defuturus
to be wanting (+dat), fail; to abandon, desert, neglect
testis, testis, c
praesidium, i, n
protection, help, guard
fullus, a, um
propped up, supported
excedo, excedere, excessi, excessus
to pass, withdraw, exceed; go away, die
quot, adj
how many; of what number; as many
praetereo, praeterire, praeterii, preaeteritus
to pass, go by; disregard, neglect, omit, miss; surpass, excel
portus, us, m
port, harbour, refuge, haven
memini (perfect defective)
to remember, keep in mind, pay heed to, recall (+gen, acc+infin)
eodem, adv
to the same place, purpose
foeditas, foeditatis, f
foulness, ugliness, shame
supersum, superesse, superfui
to be left over, survive, be in excess
verecundus, a, um
invitus, a, um
reluctant, unwilling
maestus, a, um
sad, gloomy
lugeo, lugere, luxi, --
to mourn, lament, be in mourning
experior, experiri, expertus sum
to test, put to the test; find out; attempt, try; prove, experience
effluo, effluere, effluxi
to flow out, flow forth; disappear, vanish, escape; be forgotten
dudum, adv
a little while ago, formerly
anceps, ancipitis
two-headed, two-fold, double; doubtful
consero, conserere, conservi, consertus
to connect, link, fasten together, join, engage (in)
consero, conserere, conseri, consetus
to sow, plant, set; breed; sow
decennum, i, n
decade, period of ten years
lustrum, i, n
den (pl) of vice, brothel; slough, bog; forest, wildnerness
produco, producere, produxi, productus
to lead forward, bring out; revela; induce; promote; stretch out, prolong; buy
congressus, us, m
meeting, interview, assembly, encounter
nove, adv
newly, in new manner, recently; finally, at last
vetus, veteris
old, aged, ancient
oppeto, oppetere, oppetivi, oppetitus
to meet, encounter, push
provectus, a, um
advanced (esp in years)
oblitus, a, um
forgetful (+gen)
quodammodo, adv
in a certain way
donec, conj
while, as long as, until
expergefacio, expergefacere, expergefeci, expergefactus
to arouse, awaken
obex, obicis, c
bolt, bar, barrier, obstacle
fretum, i, n
sea, narrow sea, straits
verbero, verberare, verberavi, verberatus
to beat, strike, lash

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