Glossary of Hindi: honaa

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I am
maĩ huũ
you (sg) are
tum ho
he/she is
veh hai
we are
ham haĩ
you (pl) are
aap haĩ
they are
ve haĩ
I was
maĩ thaa/thii
you (sg) were
tum thaa/thii
he was
veh thaa
she was
veh thii
we were
ham the/thiĩ
you (pl) were
aap the/thiĩ
they were
ve the/thiĩ
I shall be
mai~ huũgaa/huũgii
you (sg) will be
tum hogaa
he will be
veh hogaa
she will be
veh hogii
we shall be
ham hõge/hõgii
you (pl) will be
aap hõge/hõgii
they will be
ve hõge/hõgii

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