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if freed, many slaves would probably go where...and to look for what?
the north to look for jobs
the north came to realize that the institution of slavery is...
what did the american colonization society do?
-put freed slaves on ships and sent them to africa to help establish a colony in africa.
who were the huge supporters of the american colonization society?
henry clay
andrew jackson
abe lincoln

what was lyberia?
the name to land.
what was the name of the capitol of lyberia?
the south felt no need to...
free their slaves.
there was no what for freed slaves?
what happened to freed laves of the north?
they were kidnapped
put on ships
and sent to lyberia

what is gradual emancipation?
setting a date in the future giving the south time to prepare...
when the date comes, no more slavery.
what would gradual emancipation do for slaves?
make life better.
did the idea of gradual emancipation ever take off?
what group was benjamin lundy apart of.
-what were quakers? -and what kind of group were they?
-the first group to openly oppose slavery
-a religious group
where did the quakers set up a society?
out west.
slaves could only move west of the mississippi river if they were...
what happened in nat turner\'s rebellion?
a slave rose up against his master and many masters with followers.
did he get into the houses, when, and what did he do
he broke in
at night
and killed the ENTIRE family (even children)

which county did nat turner\'s rebellion happen in
south hampton county
how many people died because of nat turner\'s rebellion?
what the rebellion put down violently or nonviolently?
how many weeks did nat hide out in virginia for?
6 weeks
how was he killed, and where was he found?
the was hung after being found in a barn
what did this do to virginia?
put fear in them.
what was the south terrified of?
that their slaves would kill them.
what could nat do that was different than most slaves?
he could read, he was educated.
what did the south do because of nat turner\'s rebellion?
made new laws and held onto the slave institution as tight as possible.
what thought did the south enforce?
the thought of race control
who did nat become during his rebellion?
the most wanted man in america.
who lead radical abolitionism?
william lloyd garrison
what was the liberator?
a newspaper.
what did william lloyd garrison do?
he was vocal and ourtrageos while opposing slavery.
what did william lloyd garrison say was evil?
the constitution?
what did wlg do to the constitution?
he burnt a copy
what did wlg gain a reputation for?
doing crazy things.
what did people in boston try to do to wlg?
they tried to hang him
who did the american anti slavery society upset?
the people of the north and the south.
what was frederick douglas?
the heart and soul of abolitionism
was frederick douglas educated?
was his fater a slaveholder?
what was douglas\' job and how did he escape slavery?
-he unloaded ships in port to put on a train
-he escaped slavery by train.
what did douglas keep telling lincoln?
to use african american troops
what was douglas\' stron point?
he was a good speaker
what did douglas give the counsels?
what is abolitionism?
a moral, religious crusade
what does abolitionism call for?
the destroying of slavery COMPLETELY.
and to kill it everywhere
did abolitionists care about politics?
no because they didn\'t think it could solve slavery
what did abolitionists say was needed to stop slavery?
a war.
what was anti-slavery?
not for morale or religion
what was anti slavery about?
politics and political power
what did anti slavery say that southern states could do?
said that they could keep slavery, slavery just couldn\'t spread to the west.
what destroyed slavery?
which group was more moderate and had more followers?
the people of the anti-slavery group.
who represented all norther attitudes?
who was elijah lovejoy?
a minister in alton, illinois
what did missourians to do lovejoy?
they\'d go destrop his things.
when they went to steal the fourth printing press they did what to lovejoy?
they killed him.
a white crowd had...
killed a white man.
who was the wilmont proviso issued by?
david wilmont
what did the wilmont proviso say?
that slavery wouldn\'t be allowed in any land gained in war with mexico.
did the wilmont priviso pass the house and make it through the senate?
it passed the house but didn\'t make it through the senate
people said that texas was the...
natural border of slavery
who has the right to keep slavery out from the west?
who did the north say didn\'t intend for slavery expansion?
the founding fathers.
who in the south said that congress can\'t prevent expansion?
john c calhoun
what did calhoun say?
that slaves are private property, and that the constitution protects private property.
who was willing to do the extension of the 36-30 line?
what is popular sovereignty?
who is it by?
the will of the country
by lewis cass
what did stephen douglas think about popular sovereignty?
he stood for it and pushed it
why didn\'t polk run in the election of 1848?
he was dieing of cancer
who ran for the democratic party in the election of 1848?
what was he known for.
lewis cass
being a war hero
who ran for the whig party in 1848 and what was he known for?
zachary taylor
war hero and slaveholder
what was the new party in 1848?
the free soil party.
what did the free soil party stand for?
ONLY opposition to slavery and wouldn\'t allow expansion.
who was the candidate that ran under the free soil party?
martin van buren
what happened in california and new mexico in 1850?
what did people do
gold was discovered and people moved west.
did cali and new mexico want slavery?
no. neither of them did.
how did taylor say that he was going to decide about the slavery issue of cali and nm?
he would let the people decide
cali said no slavery (t or f)
taylor said that if the south tried to secede then he would...
wanted the slave trade to be banned in...
the national capitol.
the south wanted...
a fugitive slave law.
with the fugitive slave law...
marshals would be put in charge of sending run away slaves back.
henry clay\'s proposal was said to...
prevent a civil war.
what was the first step to the compromise of 1850 (henry clay\'s proposal)
admit cali as a free state.
what was the second step to the compromise of 1850 (henry clay\'s proposal)
create 2 new territories to get government out west (utah new mexico)
what was the third step to the compromise of 1850 (henry clay\'s proposal)
abolish the slave trade in dc (capitol)
what was the fourth step to the compromise of 1850 (henry clay\'s proposal)
fugitive slave laws passed
what was the fifth step to the compromise of 1850 (henry clay\'s proposal)
if they will not invade new mexico then the us will pay them ten million dollars and stop border disputes
what did calhoun say about the north?
that they needed to stop invading the south.
what did jefferson davis become?
the defacto leader of the south.
what did jeffereson davis defend?
what did william seward disagree with?
slavery expansion
what did seward say that god wouldn\'t allow?
expansion of slavery
did taylor like the compromise of 1850?
no he hated it.
who was millard fillmore?
a member of the whig party who was vp under taylor. and became president after taylor died.
what did millard fillmore make law?
the compromise.
what did the election of 1852 demonstrate?
that there was an acceptance of the compromise
did winfield scott support the compromise
no. and especially not openly.
who was franklin pierce?
the democrat candidate that openly supported the compromise
who won the election of 1852?
because people supported the compromise.
who did pierce name as his secretary of war and most trusted advisor
jefferson davis
how did uncle toms cabin hit?
was it accurate?

like a whirlwind.
author had never seen anything first hand.

what did harriet beecher stowe use to write uncle toms cabin?
what she heard from others.
what did uncle tom\'s cabin do to the institution and to slavery
it put a face on the institution and gave slavery a feeling.
what did the south do to harriet beecher stowe and uncle toms cabin
attacked it
what did slaves get compared to in the book?
irish men
what did uncle toms cabin bring the country about?
a decade to try to compromise
what did stephen a douglas want to do?
build a trans-continental railroad that will go from the east to the west coast.
what was the main problem about the trans continental railroad?
there wasn\'t organized territory in the west
what did the southerners want the railroad to do?
go through the southern part of the country.
what did douglas have to do about the railroad?
compromise with the south.
what was put forth to compromise?
the nebraska bill
what did the nebraska bill call for?
popular sovereignty to decide if territories were slave or free.
did the nebraska bill become law?
what did the south do in response to the nebraska bill?
gave up railroad for chance of slavery to spread west.
what did the republican party destroy?
the whig party
who came back into politics as a republican party member?
what did henry ward beecher adimately oppose?
was david atchison for slavery?
who was john brown?
the most ardent abolitionist
what were rifles known as?
beecher\'s bibles
what did john brown do to a slaveholder in kansas?
chopped his head off
kansas got more votes for slavery
than there were people living there...
which people came over to vote in kansas?
Missouri people.
did douglas care about the fraud election?
kansas abolitionists formed what?
their own government in topeka
kansas had how many governments?
the gov in lawrence was for slavery or against slaver?
for slavery
where was charles sumner from?
charles sumner delivered what that was critical of who?
a speech
that was critical of douglas, kansas/nebraska act, slavery
did sumner\'s speech offend butler?
who was preston brooks?
what was he?
butler\'s distant cousin
a house rep
douglas did what to sumner?
beat him with a cane
how long did it take sumner to recover?
2 years
how did people view the south after the cane incident?
they looked down on them
how did southerners react to the cane incident?
they applauded/ rewarded him
republicans get the first shot at the presidency in which election?
the election of 1856
who is the republican candidate and which war is he a hero of?
john c freemont
mexican american war
which law is freemont for and what does he believe that the government should help with?
homestead law
industry growth
the republican party gave the public an ______ reason to vote, and it was also known as the _______ party
the republican party wanted _______ expansion
who was the candidate for the democratic party?
james buchanan
what did james buchanan want to preserve?
the union
who won the election of 1856?
the democrats
where did the rebublicans campaign during the election of 1856?
only in the north
who will start to lead the republican party?
abraham lincoln
did the south like the fact that lincoln would start to lead the republican party?
no it scared them
Could the republicans win the election just by having votes from all of the north?
who was the worst president in american history?
what was the dred scott decision?
a slave who originally lived with his owner in missouri had to move to wisconsin with his owner (who was an army surgeon) bcause the united states told his owner to. The owner took the slave onto free territory, and the owner died.
after dred scott\'s master died his wife inherited his slaves and started to come around to abolitionism and talked about freeing the slaves. instead she...
challenged dred scott\'s situation in court.
the court ruling by taney (the supreme court justice) was...
that men of african descent are not citizens of a state or the us so he has no rights.
did free african americans have rights?
what did the dred scott decision rule about the missouri compromise?
and what did they do to it
it is illegal. so they nullified it
after the dred scott decision congress realized that it must protect...
private property
where was abe lincoln born and what was his father like?
his father was a drunken farmer that would just leave.
was his family rich or poor?
how did he learn the law?
he taught himself
who was abe lincoln\'s hero?
henry clay
at what age was lincoln practicing law in illinois?
by the age of 19
how did abe lincoln view slavery?
-was he for racial equality?
he thought it was wrong
-he wasn\'t for racial equality
who proved lincoln wrong about racial equality?
frederick douglas
who was agitating the south?
william seward
the federal slave code for the territories
meant that people could take slaves into the territories
did the federal slave code cause a disagreement?
which two things did john brown want to take over?
the city of harper\'s ferry virginia
and the federal arsenol
who did john brown want to arm, and what did he want to do with them?
he wanted to arm free slaves
and build an army out of them.
where did they want to take the army of free slaves?
to shenandoah valley for a shootout
how did john brown die?
he was hung
what was he hung for.
during the election of 1860, who was the northern democratic party candidate?
why did southern democrats leave?
because douglas didn\'t support slavery
who was the southern democratic party candidate?
who was the constitutional union party candidate?
what did bell stand for?
coming together as a country.
in the election of 1860 who was the republican party candidate?
what 3 things did lincoln stand for?
-southern states could keep slaves as long as it didn\'t head west.
-gov should help industry

who won the election of 1860?
how did the south react to a republican winning the presidency?
they started to secede
which state was the first to secede?
south carolina
when the states seceded, they formed what?
the confederate states of america (CSA)
who was the interim president of the confederate states of america?
jefferson davis
how long was the presidency term for the confederate states of america?
6 years
what two things did the crittenden compromise propose?
1. to pass law to allow slavery. (constitutional ammendment)
2. the 36-30 line would spread all the way to the border of california
lincoln didn\'t want to do what to his voters?
lie to them
lincoln wouldn\'t budge on...
lincoln thinks that democracy...
has to work
lincoln doesn\'t want to be remembered for...
sitting back and watching out country go down
which battle started the civil war?
fort sumpter
fort sumpter was turned over to who?
the ships sent were about _______ not _______
-food not weapons
did anyone die at fort sumpter?
why which month did virginia secede?
late march
who was appointed by lincoln to lead the north in the war
robert e. Lee
did robert e. lee accept lincolns invitation to lead the north? why?
he didn\'t want to draw swords against country men
did robert e lee agree to lead the confederate army?
in the civil war...who attacked and defended?
the north attacked and the south defended
is it easier to win a defensive war?
what was lee known as?
a very positive resource
why didn\'t europe take offer of cotton for help from south?
they would not support a war for slavery
why didn\'t missouri secede?
more people wanted to stay with the union
why didn\'t kentucky secede?
southern armies would invade them.
why didn\'t delaware secede?
they just simply didn\'t want secession
why didn\'t maryland secede?
forced to stay in union because they didin\'t want to capitol to be surrounded by enemies
why did people like davis?
he had a military background
why did poeople like lincoln?
he volunteered in the black hawk war, and he was inspiring and gave war a higher cause
did the south have better military commanders than the north?
who were their commanders
stonewall jackson and mcclellan
how many men did lincoln go through before he could find someone that would stand up to rober e lee?
why was lee so hard to stand up to?
he was the greatest military mind ever, and he had a brilliant strategy
how many people died at the battle of antietam?
how many injured
6500 dead
1500 injured
who won the battle at antietam?
no one. it was a draw
how did the north claim the battle of antietam?
they claimed it as a victory.
lincoln thought that the war was needed as a...
higher cause
lincoln felt that the war had to be about...
when did the emancipation proclamation take effect?
the emancipation proclamation would be taken off the table if...
the south surrendered
the emancipation proclamation said that any slave...
behind enemy lines would be free
after the war, which amendment was made?
the 13th amendment
what was the anaconda plan?
which was was it used in?
the union strategy for winning.
the battle of gettysburg
who lost at gettysburg?
who captured vicksburg?
ulysses s. grant?
what did the capture of vicksburg give the union?
-what did it do to the south?
complete control of the missisippi
-it cut the south in two
what did grant elevate to?
the top of the army
who won battles of tennessee?
william tecumseh sherman
what would tennessee be used for?
a staging ground
what was sherman\'s marth to the sea?
sherman marched through the heart of georgia completely destroying EVERYTHING in his path.
what two cities were destroyed because of sherman\'s march to the sea?
atlanta and savannah
what did grant vs. lee decide?
who won the war
grant could replace his men with...
could lee replace his men with immigrants?
the only way to defeat lee was to...
bleed his army to death
what was the city where lee surrendered to grant?
appottomax courthouse
lincoln was assassinated by who?
while doing what?
john wilkes boothe
watcihng a play

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