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policy that involves reverting to the old free market liberalism in the 19th century, while at the same time adapting new global conditions.
International capital flows
Cross border, short term or long term flow of assets or loans.
Foreign direct investment
long term participation from country A into country B, including management, joint venture, and many other forms.
Transnational corporations
Enterprises that transcend national borders, which can be incorporated or unincorporated and include parent companies as well as their foreign affiliates.
Global governance
the political interaction of transnational corporations, organizations, or countries designed to solve problems that affect multiple states or regions in which there is no power to enforce it otherwise; response to globalization.
Green Revolution Phase 1
movement starting in 1945 hoping to help eradicate poverty and improve food security in developing countries; included high yielding varieties: shorter stems, sturdy straw and stronger roots, more fertilizer, earlier maturing, disease resistance, etc.
Green Revolution Phase 2
high yielding varieties were phased out in favor of genetic modification; resulted in genetic erosion and loss of species.
When a technologically advanced country or organization develops naturally occurring biological materials commercially without compensating the people or nation where the materials naturally occur or originated.
Soy boom
period of soy expansion, fueled especially by the need to use soy as livestock feed and biofuels; has led to increases in CO2 emissions as well as deforestation in South America (esp Brazil).
Actors of Amazonian deforestation
landless migrants, colonists, ranchers, goldminers, laborers, drug traffickers, capitalized farmers, land grabbers, loggers.
Political economy of the seed
issues surrounding the formation of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault: genetic erosion, species loss, destruction of global varieties, patents on hybrids, and the advancement of agribusiness.
Svalbard Global Seed Vault
a secure seed bank in Norway designed to provide a safety net against accidental loss of seeds or diversity in other gene banks.
Hamburger Connection
the Brazilian threat of deforestation because of increased cattle farming, in order to meet market demands and for farmers to gain the subsidies provided.
Multilateral governance institutions
The players involved in global governance: security, environment, economy, welfare, etc.

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