Glossary of Geo Midterm - Gwen 2

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Social construction
idea that is created from society, culture, economic drivers, historical narratives, but not necessarily true
Disaster capitalism
natural disasters fuel economic productivity, particularly by wealthy nations in developing countries (Haiti); Naomi Klein discusses this in Shock Doctrine
Heritage Foundation
conservative think tank.
Discursive formation
the way in which systems of statements fit together and create one another; ex: welfare comparable to stray animals (sexualized, animalized, illegitimized).
Discursive practices
knowledge arises from all manners of social practices; how you use your knowledge to your advantage (power).
Discursive strategies
idealization, failure to recognize difference, formation of stereotypes, imposition of Western norms.
rapid growth pf urban population, creating slums.
World Social Forum
group to discuss alternatives to neoliberalism; supports indigenous consciousness and integration into policy; supports demise of Free Trade as encouraged by US
PAM study
2004 study on the levees in New Orleans that predicted a catastrophic event.
spatial and temporal shortening of communication; integration of international economies through FDI, import/export, technologies.
progress in infrastructure, education, economy; influenced by neighboring nations, international powers; big D versus little d development (3rd versus 1st world).
Adaptive capacity
the ability of a system to change if the environment is changing.
The West and the rest
ethnocentrism and lack of understanding of any other cultures; West=developed, industrialized, secular, discursive; history has embedded ideas, current historical moment holds discourses that are not innocent.
Narratives of calamity in a technocratic age
news media, big apparatus dedicated to helping people avoid facing inevitability of disaster.
Creeping normalcy (Alex de Waal)
changes can be more socially accepted if introduced slowly and incrementally over time.

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