Glossary of GRE Psychology Practice Test Errors

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Studies in laterality have revealed that for most people the right hem is more active then the left in...
perception of complex geometric patterns
Responsibility of the ascending reticular formation
sleep and waking
Theory that refers to the beliefs people hold about the inputs they bring to their work and the outcome recieved
Equity theory
complex representations consisting of an activation pattern of many individual units that have simple on-off functions in the nervous system.
PITS- How many morphemes and phonemes
2 m's and 4 p's
Without external cues of time, what happens to the bio clock?
drift out of sync with external time
Sandra Bem-Gender Schema Theory
Children learn to categorize people and objects in terms of gender
Cohort Sequential Design
strengthens inferences by replicating longitudinal finding across cohorts
Theory of Signal Detection has been used to distinguish between..
sensitivity and response bias
Difference in the way mothers and fathers interact with their infants
mothers play and talk quietly and fathers are more active and physical
It has been argued that kids do not acquire language solely by imitating others. This argument is supported by...
the linguistic generativity exhibited by young children
Size Constancy
distal stimulus is unchanging in size despite changes in our viewing position
Who was the first to develop Stream of Consciousness?
James-Lange Theory of Emotion
a specific kind of bodily response precedes the experience of a specific emotion.
Reliability of psychiatric classification scheme is shown by...
high level of agreement amoung professionals regarding which category a particular person fits into at any one time
Analysis of Variance in a 3x3 factorial design with one dependent variable. How many interactions possible?
ONE- one interaction for each dep. variable.
Who developed a formal model based on the idea that behavior is a joint function of the person and the environment?
Kurt Lewin
Robbers Cave
Standard Deviation Calculation
Subtact each score from the mean. Square each of those amounts and sum. Divide total sum by n-1 then take the sq. root of that number. That is standard deviation

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