Glossary of French Hotel Vocabulary GCSE

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Avez-Vous resérvé?
Have you booked?
Oui, J\'ai resérvé
Yes, I have booked
No I haven\'t booked
Non, Je n\'ai pas
I would like to book
Je voudrais resérvé
C\'est pour combien de nuits?
How many nights are you staying for?
How many of you are there?
C\'est pour combien de personnes?
Nous sommes (a number)
There is (a number) of us
From the (Date) to the (Date)
Du (Date) au (Date)
y-a-t\'il une douche dans la chambre?
Is there a shower in the room.
y-a-t\'il un restaurant dans l\'hotel?
Is there a restaurant in the hotel?
There is a lift/elevator
Il y a un ascenseur
Ça côute combien?
How much is that?
I\'ll have it (or)
I\'ll take it
Je (le,la,les) prends
C\'est à quel nom?
What\'s the name?
Vous-avez une chambre de libre, s\'il vous plaît
Do you have any free rooms, please?

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