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When/where was the Marine Corps created.
10 Novermber 1775, Philadelphie, Pennsylvania
What happened 1805.
Marines stormed Barbary pirates' stronghold at Burma on the "Shores of Tripoli". Raised Stars and stripes in the eastern hemisphere for the first time.
What happened 1847
Marines occupied the "Halls of montezuma" during the battle of Chapultepec.
under the command of colonel robert e. lee, army and marines stormed harper's ferry to put down the slave revolt.
battle of tarawa
secured the island within 76 hours
battle of mariana islands
july 1943, lieutenant general holland m. smith, led invasion force that totaled 136,000
grand old man
archibald henderson
marine corps securit forces mcsf, how many marines?
g-3 division
operations and training
navpers 1070/602
dependency application.record of emergency data
navpers 1070/604
enlisted qualifications history
navpers 1070/605
history of assignments
procedure to apeal njp is within how many days
edvr, how often
based on psychologial factors such as needs, desires, and impulses that cause a person to act.
acronym BAMCIS
beggin planning
arrange for reconnaissance
make reconnaissance
complete plan
issue order

"if i become a prisoner of war, i will keep faith with my fellow prisoners.
article 4
fights of prisoner of war
the right to receive sanitary, protective housing and clothing

to receive adequate medical care

to send and receive email

information marines are required to give their captors
service umber
date of birth

how long should the abcde steps, status , and transport be completed within your arrival on the scene
10 mins
how much iodine in clean water
how much iodine in a 2quart canteen
how many iodine in cloudy water
after placing iodine tab, replace the cap and wait
5 mins
general order 3
to report all violations of orders i am instructed to enforce
six conditions to justify deadly force
defend yourself
prevent crimes against people
apprehend individuals

unlawful use or threatened use of violence to force or to intimidate governments or societies to achieve political, religious, or ideological objectives.
system designed to standardize security measures
incident has occured or that intelligence has been received indicating that osme form of terrorism action is imminent
pa power amplifier
10km - 40km
loading sc frequencies
press freq to show 00000
press clr to show five lines
enter new number

maximum weight of m9 pistol
40.89 oz
m9 pistol maximum effective range
lightweight, gas-operated, air-cooled, magazine fed, shoulder fired.
lightweight, single shot, breech loaded, pump action, shoulder fired weapon, attatched to either an m16a1 or an m16a2 rifle
m203 granade launcher
total weight of mk19 machine gun.
five pharagraph order
time of assembly in the assembly area
time of departure and estimated time of return
greater speed of movement is required ___ crawl
high crawl
when starting from the prone position
assigned to emergency cases that should be evacuated as soon as possible and within a maximum of 2 hours in order to save life, limb, or eyesight.
priority 1
9 line, line 3
number of patients by precedence
9 line, line 8
patient nationality and status
mission: fire support and security for forward and rear area forces, point target/anti armor, anti hellicopter, armed escort, supporting arms control and coordination, point and limited area air defense from enemy fixed wing aircraft
ah-a1 cobra

primary function: medium lift assault support helicopter
ch-46e sea knight
equipped with a refueling probe and can be refueled in flight giving the helicopter indefinate range
ch-53e super sea stallion
mission: airborne command and control
uh-1n huey
primary function: in flight refueling, tactical transport

primary mission: multi role, multi mission tactical tanker.

kc130f/r/t hercules
primary function: intercept and destroy enemy aircraft under all weather conditions, and attack and destroy surface targets.
f-18a/b/c hornet
primary mission to land and sustain us marines on any shore during hostilities

serve as centerpiece of a multi ship arg.

largest amphibious ships in the wrld

carries 3 lcacs

improved elevator wich allows the ship to carry two more helicopters

primary mission is to dock, transport and launch lcac vessels and other amphibious craft around the world.

capable to act as primary control ship

harpers ferry
operated by military sealift command
t-ah sealift

two ships

arms control
enforcing exclusion zones
military support to civil authorities

how many levels of mopp
what agent, less volatile and more persistent than HD but has the same blistering qualities
mustard hn
the rise and fall in pitch and tone in the voice
command which indicates the movement to be executed
preparatory command
command which indicates when a movement is to be executed
command of execution
party thrown by a newly promoted staff nco or officer to celebrate his new rank.
wet down
promotions and re enlistment order
personal awards first
re enlistment last

the center of the upper margin and either the right or left side of the lower margin
sheet name
indicates the angular relationships of true north, grid north, and magnetic north
declination diagram
locate a point on a map with 100 meters
six digit grid coordinate
is usually represented on the declination diagram by a line ending with a star, used exclusively when navigating without a compass
true north
normally represented as an hourglass or by figure eight shapred contour lines
a short, continious sloping line of higher ground, normally jutting out from the side of a ridge or hill
a short, continuous slopping line of low ground, normally cut into the side of a ridge or hill.
technique for determining your position
location by inspection
location by one-point- resection
location by two-point- resection

primary mission to excercise command and control, and administration of the marine division.
headquarters batalion
provides general support motor transport to the marine division
truck company
primary mission to locate, close with, and destroy the enemy by fire and maneuver or to repel his assault by fire and close combat
infantry regiment
formed when the battalion is combined with combat support and css units
battalion landing team blt
assault section of rifle company carries ____ shoulder launched multipurpose assault weapon SMAWS
other name for fire team leader
carrues out the orders of the fire team leader, responsible for the effective emplyment of the automatic rifle and for the condition and care of his weapon and equipment
automatic rifleman
assists in the employment of the automatic rifle. he carries additional magazines and/or ammunition boxes for his automatic rifle and is prepared to assume the duties of the automatic rifleman
assistant automatic riffleman
not normally assigned to individuals or units within the platoon, used primarily by crew-served weapons, located so that a crew served weapon can continue to accomplish its original mission when the primary position becomes untenable or unsuited for carry
alternate fighting positions
this rally point is nearest to the objective at which the patrol reassembles after the mission is accomplished. it may be located short of, to a flank, or beyond the objective. this may also be used as the final preparation point.
identiry five type of patrols
economy of rorce

artillery battalions have ___ or ___ firing batteries of ___ howitzers.
3 - 4 of 6 howitzers
primary mission: provides field artillery fire support for all marine corps air ground task force organizations
m777 howitzer
bore diameter of m777 howitzer
mission: to close with and destroy the enemy by using armor protected firepower, shock effect, and maneuver and to provide anti mechanized fire in support of the marine division.
tank battalion
there are ___ tanks in a tank battalion.
crew of m1a1 tank
four man crew

driver, loader, gunner, and tank commander.

main weapon of m1a1 tank
120mm m256 main gun
m60a1, bridge emplacement can be accomplished in __ to __ minutes, and retrieval can be accomplished in __ minutes under armor.
2 - 5mins, retrieval 10mins
maximum speed forward of m7a1
land 45mph
water 8.2 mph
armaments of aavp7a1
hbm2 caliber .50 machine gun and mk 19 mod3 mm machine gun
troop capacity of aavp7a1
21 combat equipped troops @ 285 pounds
how many crew in aavc7a1
how many crew in a aavr7a1
mission: to enhance the mobility, counter mobility and survivablity of the marine division through close combat engineer support and to provide the limited general engineering suuport that is required for the functioning of the marine division.
combat engineer battalion
counter mobility tast of a ceb
plan, organize, and coordinate

plan and construct obstacles

perform specialized demolition missions

ceb survivability tast
provide technical assistance and the necessary equipment for the develpment of temporary protective positions for personnel equipment
task of the engineer support company
provide potable water
armaments of lav-25
m242 25mm chain gun, m240 7.62mm machine gun mounted coaxial to the main gun
armaments of the lav-m
m252 81mm, m240e1 7.62mm machine gun
objective of reconnaissance
successful execution of the reconnaissance combat mission

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