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1.6 *10 18 electrons
Ligtning as staic discharge
due to winds and rain transfer charges between clouds or between clouds and earth. also dust
Neon glass staic discharge
two electrodes so discharge seej
sheet styroform shock on removing
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a switch is an electrical component that can break an electrical circuit, interrupting the current or diverting it from one conductor to another
switch mechanism
The mechanism actuating the transition between these two states (open or closed) can be either a "toggle" (flip switch for continuous "on" or "off") or "momentary" (push-for "on" or push-for "off") type.
Switch use
Switches may be operated by process variables such as pressure, temperature, flow, current, voltage, and force, acting as sensors in a process and used to automatically control a system. For example, a thermostat is a temperature-operated switch used to control a heating process. A switch that is operated by another electrical circuit is called a relay
an ideal switch
has no current limit during its ON state
has infinite resistance during its OFF state
has no voltage drop across the switch during its ON state
has no voltage limit during its OFF state
has zero rise time and fall time during state changes
switches without "bouncing" between on and off positions

switch contact material choosen
he contact material is chosen for its resistance to corrosion, because most metals form insulating oxides that would prevent the switch from working. Contact materials are also chosen on the basis of electrical conductivity, hardness (resistance to abrasive wear), mechanical strength, low cost and low toxicitySometimes the contacts are plated with noble metals. They may be designed to wipe against each other to clean off any contamination. Nonmetallic conductors, such as conductive plastic, are sometimes used. In order to prevent the formation of insulating oxides, a minimum wetting current may be specified for a given switch design.
Contact terminology
The terms "make" for closure of contacts and "break" for opening of contacts are also widely used.
Learn about relay : sites
auto applications tyco

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