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describe how the Hadley cells work
at the equator at about 30 degrees latitude north and south it is the rise and cooling of energy, and how energy is dispersed on the planet
assuming that airflow is coming off a warm ocean, describe how mountain ranges impact precipitation patterns on both sides of the mountain range
warm moist air comes off the ocean and when it hits the mountains it rises up and the cold dense moist air causes precipitation. it then travels over the mountains and is now dry air which then takes all the moisture out of the land
explain how climate change could stop or drastically slow the ocean conveyor belt
warm waters moves and is distributed by europe it becomes cold and dense and starts to sink--keeps the belt moving this warm/cold exchange
greenland is melting and dumping fresh water into salt making it less dense which will slow down or even stop the conveyor belt
what three factors related to climate change increase the incidence of coral bleaching? what do coral bleach (turn white) when exposed to these factors?
-increase in co2
-change in temp
-sea level rise

-coral and algae have a relationship
-algae is at its tolerance
-if any of these changes occur algae will leave and the coral will turn white

how does the burning of fossil fuels cause ocean acidification?
oceans are like sinks for CO2 and absorb it from fossil fuels emitted into the air when mixed with salt water it lower the PH making it more acidic
in order from greatest to least, what are the major reservoirs (sinks) for carbon on earth?

describe the concept of mitigation wedges and provide an example of a wedge
a concept that shows us how to level off emissions with todays technology.
improving MPG from 30 to 60

what does the bath tub concept of the addition of green house gasses to the atmosphere tell us about what we need to do to stop anthropogenic climate change?
the only way to reduce our impact is to reduce to zero emissions.
what are the three Milanovich cycles? how does the synergy of the three cycles affect climate?
these effect the amount of sunlight hitting the planet causing glacial/interglacial periods

describe the impacts that climate change is having on the porcupine caribou herd with respect to mosquitoes in the summer and food supply in the winter and what it is about the climate that is causing these changes
the warmer weather melts the ice faster which makes better temperatures and more time for mosquitoes to thrive, and so in the winter it rained along with snow making it more difficult to get to the vegetation under the frozen snow. then the mosquitoes chase the caribou up to the mountains where there is very little vegetation to eat.
if you were explaining climate change to someone who did not believe it was happening what are three arguments you could use to help them understand that humans are warming the planet?
Porcupine caribou were affected by longer summers and shorter harsher winters.
coral bleaching... increase in co2, temp rise, sea level rise
permafrost in alaska... the frost in the ground had been there for so long and now it is melting and destroying homes.
there is natural co2 that the earth creates and also co2 that humans create when you look at them together it shows the huge increase in co2 that is causing global warming and climate change.

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