Glossary of ESL course Opposites

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Is an elephant big or small?
It is big.
Is a mouse big or small?
It is small.
Is your mother pretty or ugly?
She's pretty.
Is your father handsome or ugly?
He's handsome.
Are you thin or fat?
I'm thin.
Is your teacher tall or short?
She's short.
Is your Grandfather old or young?
He's old.
Is a baby old or young?
It's young.
Is your brother a girl or a boy?
He's a boy.
Is your sister a girl or a boy?
She's a girl.
Is a panda thin or fat?
It's fat.
Is a giraffe tall or short?
It's tall.
Are the flowers beautiful or ugly?
They're beautiful.
Is a witch beautiful or ugly?
She's ugly.
Is your teacher a handsome boy or a beautiful girl?
She's a beautiful girl.

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