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Stated that communism was a true threat and that serious action must be taken to contain it before domino effect took place
Truman Doctrine
The policy of stopping the spread of communism.
Stated that conflict between democracy and communism was unavoidable and to stop it, America must build up its military might
Designed to rebuild the economies of European nations because it was believed that strong countries were less susceptible to communism
Marshall Plan
group comprised of western democracies started to suppress the spread of communism with military might if need be
Government agency started to gather information from and spy on other countries; had the power to engage in operations to topple communism
War between United Nations backed democratic half of Korea and Soviet backed democratic half
Korean War
General in the Philippine War that wanted to bomb Chinese after he presses forward into North Korea against their demands. Truman is forced to relieve him of his position
Douglass MacArthur
Government agency that investigated anyone who negatively portrayed/spoke out on American government
House UnAmerican Activity
Government employee accused of passing secrets to Soviets; Joseph McCarthy sees this as America becoming soft/infiltrated with communists
Alger Hiss
Wisconsin senator that believed that American government was filled with communists
Joseph McCarthy
volunteer organization started by JFK to counter negative image of Americans around the world.
Peace Corps
1400 Cuban exiles returned to overtake Castro believing they had American air support, however they did not
Bay of Pigs
After Bay of Pigs, Castro turns to Soviets for more weapons to protect against American advances. Soviets agree.
Cuban Missile Crisis
organization started to establish adequate home financing and improve housing standards and conditions
Federal Housing Administration
This was published after Harry Truman called for an investigation into conditions for blacks in the south; specifically the lynchings
To Secure These Rights
This court case outlawed banning all white primaries and allowed blacks to be involved in early stages of voting
Smith v. Allwright
Court case that ruled that schools for whites/blacks were not equal and that white schools must be integrated
Brown vs. Board of Education
Created by WEB DuBois and comprised of wealthy blacks and lawyers, this group focused on challenging legislation against blacks
group aimed at improving rights for blacks that used churches and moral suasion, as well as boycotts and voter registration drives
President who passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964
Lyndon B. Johnson
Legislation enacted by LBJ aimed at stopping racial inequality and poverty
The Great Society
This forbids discrimination of any kind and guarantees the right to vote.
Civil Rights Act of 1964
Author of "Feminique Mystique" and leader of the second wave of feminism, she worked hard to get women in mainstream of American society
Betty Friedan
the largest feminist organization in the United States, they pushed for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment
National Organization of Women
Pushed by the feminist movement, this failed legislation was intended to stop discrimination across gender lines
Equal Rights Amendment
Written by Betty Friedan, this book helped motivate women across America to fight for equality
Feminine Mystique
Conservative politician made famous for her opposition against feminism as a whole and specifically the Equal Rights Amendment
Phyllis Sclafly
Supreme court decision to allow abortion as long as it occurs before viability. States cannot infringe.
Roe Vs. Wade
Founder of United Farm Workers that championed the cause of workers rights for Mexicans in America.
Cesar Chavez
South Vietnamese president at the start of war that won by rigging election and ruled with corruptly. Is later killed by American forces.
Ngo Dinh Diem
The title of the sustained aerial bombardment campaign against Vietnam
Operation Rolling Thunder
Leader of North Vietnam who converted nation to communism, he fought for Vietnamese independence and led them in war against America
Ho Chi Minh
Also known as National Liberation Front, this organization fought the South Vietnamese government and the United States
Massive uprising launched by Vietcong and North Vietnamese forces that killed many Vietcong by changed American perception on war
Tet Offensive
The lessening of tensions between America and communist nations such as China/Russia. Ronald Reagan ended this
Student activism group and was at the forefront of the "New Left" movement
Students for Democratic Society
When a stagnant economy meets growing inflation; this plagued the end of the Nixon administration
This book helped launch the environmental movement. It documented the negative affects of business on the environment
Silent Spring
Supreme court case that determined the parameters in which a school could make admissions decisions based on scopefactors
Bakke vs. University of California

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