Glossary of Day 3 Test

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Steak and Fries
10 oz Certified angus beef USDA top choice strip steak-aged 21 to 41 days. Hardwood grilled and seasoned with garlic salt and black pepper. FF. aditional charge for a caesar or house salad
Steak Maui
Delmonico cut. Ribeye steak (14 oz)certified angus beef (high choice brand) or USDA top choice aged 21 to 42 days. Marinated 4-7 days,in brown sugar, garlic, ginger, pineapple juice, and soy sauce. Hardwood grilled and served with smashed potatoes. Additional charge for salad.
New york Strip
Stip steak(16 oz) certified angus beef(hih choice brand) aged 21-42 days, hardwood grilled and topped with maitre d'butter. Served with macaroni and cheese. Add charge for house or ceaser salad.
Filet Mignon Bearnaise
10 oz. felet, certified angus beef(high choice brand) aged 21-42 days, hand cut, hardwood grilled with grill seasoning and served with a side of our bearnaise sauce and a one pound loaded baked potato. Add charge for a caesar salad or a house salad
Prime Rib
Certified angus beef USDA top choice, aged 21-42 days, trimmed to 5% or less fat, slow cooked and seasoned with magic seasoning. Served with Smashed potatoes and a side of au jus. OFFER HORSERADISH OR HORSERADISH SAUCE. add charge for a casear or house salad.
Paneed Peacan encrusted trout
Boneless fresh, rainbow trout(10oz) breaded with a panko pecan crust adn sauteed served on a bed of jasmine rice wit a side of asian cole slaw and finished with a dijon mustard sauce
Cilantro Shrimp
11 black tiger chrimp hardwood grilled and brushed with herb butter. Shrimp are dressed with cilantro oil(olive oil,garlic, and fresh cilantro). Garnished with red peppers, julienne cilantro, yellow peppers. Served over jasmine rice with a side of maytag bleu cheese cole slaw
Ahi Tuna Filet
Ahi Tuna filet(8oz) marinated, fresh and cut in house. Hardwood grilled and brushed with a ginger glaze. Served with southern cole slaw and smashed potatoes in the fall and winter. Served with beefsteak tomatoes or heirloom tomatoes in the spring and summer.
Carolina Crab Cakes
2 sauteed jumbo lump crabmeat crab cakes served on a baguette crouton with chili mayonnaise drizzled over the crab cakes and dijon mustard sauce under the baguette. Garnished with brunnoise peppers and parsely. served with ff
Lunch/Dinn Salmon
8 oz./11 oz of cold water norwegian salmon, filet cut, skin-less and boneless, grilled over hardwood and brushed with herb butter. Served with remoulade sauce and orzo and wild rice salad
Rotisserie chicken
dry rubed, slow roasted half a chicken. Served with a classic chicken jus and served with smashed potatoes
Mr. Jack's chicken finger platter
breaded chicken fingers (9 each) and served with a side of plum creek bbq sauce and a side of honey dijon with MBC cole slaw and FF
Rattlesnake pasta
13.5 oz linguini pasta, 10 oz cream sauce, 6 oz grilled chicken. served with garlic, lime juice, green onions, red onions, red peppers, yellow peppers. Garnished with julienne cilantro and mozzarella
Grilled Pork Tenderloin
14 oz. rosemary cured, pork tenderloin that is slow roasted and fished on a hardwood grill. Marinate with brown sugar, garlic, dark corn syrup, onions and rosemary. Tenderloin is sliced and served with Bang Bang sauce and smashed potatoes
Steak Brazzo
Grilled Medallions (10z.) tenderloin beef, certified angus beef(high choice brand) or USDA top choice, aged 21-42 days marinated in balsamic vinegar, garlic, olive oil, and cooked medium. Topped with madeira mushroom sauce and served in the bowl with smashed potatoes
Carrot Cake
Made with carrots, coconut, cinnamon, and pecans. Served warm with a cream cheese icing.
Very Best Chocolate cake
triple chocolate bunt cake served warm with one scoop of ice cream on top a layer of hot fudge
Creme Brulee
traditional custard with a carmalized sugar top, served with a dollop of marscapone cheese and strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.
What sizes do we offer prime rib? How is it prepared?
We serve 16 oz and 12 oz prime. Our prime rib is slow cooked in an alto sham and trimmed to 5% fat, then seasoned with magic seasoning
What type of beef do we used and how long is it aged?
certified angus beef (high choice brand) or USDA top choice aged 21 to 42 days
How much is it for extra ounces of prime rib?
$1.00 an ounce
if a guest orders prime rib, what condiment do we ask them if they need?
horseradish or Hsauce
Steak Maui

New York Strip
Where do we source our salmon and why?
Cold Norweigian water. Higher fat content of fish gives the maximum flavor. it ensures the highest quality product on the market today
What menu items are offered for children?
Alfredo or marinara pasta. Chicken fingers, grilled cheese sandwich, grilled chicken breast
What type of ice cream do we use?
Blue Bell

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