Glossary of Dari Class 4

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Who is here?
Kee een-ja asta?
Where is your family?
Faameel-e-shuma kujaast?
What is your rank?
Rotba-e-shuma chee ast (cheest)?
Who are you?
Shumaa kee astaid?
How is your health?
Sehat-e-shumaa cheetor ast?
How do you say this?
Ean ra chee megan?
What language can you speak?
Koodam lessan yaad dar?
When (what time)?
How many minutes is the break?
Tafreeh chand daqeeqa ast?
How is your family?
Fameel-e-shuma cheetor ast?
Where are you from?
Shuma az kujaa asten?
When is the meeting?
Jalsa chee waqt ast?
How old are you?
Shumaa chand saalla asten?
When is your class?
senf-e-shuma chee waqt ast?
What is your job?
Wazeefa-e-shuma chee ast (cheest)?
Who is he?
O kee ast?
Where is the bathroom?
Tashnaab kujaa ast?
What is this?
Een chee ast (cheest)?
Who is from Kabul?
Kee az Kabul ast?

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