Glossary of Course 14 Comm 2

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paragraph unity
express only 1 idea per paragraph
topic sentences
summarize the paragraph

introduce the main idea of the paragraph

set the mood and cath the reader's interest
in military writing you can usually find the topic sentence
at the begining of the paragraph
2 types of supporting sentences

major supporting sentences
define, explain, or add proof to the topic sentence

they directly support the topic sentence
minor support sentence
define, explain, or add proof tothe major sentence

supports the major support sentence
at the endo of the paragraph you should wrap it up with a
closing sentence
closing sentence should
rephrase the topic sentence

summarize the material in the paragraph

transition to the next paragraph
allows readers to see relationships between sentences
connecting words
first, next, also, therefore
words that show addition
and, then, also, besides, furthermore, likewise, additionally, moreover, first, second, next, both, etc
contrast words
but, still, however, yet, nevertheless
words that include choice
either, neither, no, or, otherwise
words that reflect result

words connect a result or consequence to the preceding statement
accordingly, hence, therefore, consequently

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