Glossary of Confessiones 2.4.9

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fūr, fūris, common gender


adactus, -ūs, m.

-->ad-igō, -igere, -ēgī, -actus
a forcing or bringing to(gether); a bite

-->drive, bring, compel; thrust, plunge
pēnūria (paenūrĭa), ae, f.
want, need, scarcity esp. of the necessities of life, infreq. without gen.
fastīdium, -ī, n.

-->fastīdō, -īre, īvī, ītus

-->fastus, -ūs

loathing, aversion, digust; dantiness; scornful contempt, pride

-->feel disgust, nausea; loath; despise

-->scoronful contempt; arrogance

(h)onustus, -a, -um

-->(h)onus, (h)oneris, n.

-->onustō, -āre, _, onustus
loaded, laden, burdened; filled, abounding in

-->load, burden; expense; weight; trouble

-->to burden, load
sapor, -ōris, m.

-->sapōrus, -a, -um

-->sapiō, -ere, -īvī (uī), _
a taste, flavor; smell, odor; elegance objectively of the thing, gustatus, subjectively


-->to taste, savor (of); smell (of, or like a thing), smack; be sensible, discreet; know, understand
illecebrōsus (inl-), -a, -um

-->illecebra (inl-), -ae, f.

-->illicium (inl-), -ī

illiciō, -ere, -lexī, -lectus infin. perf. sync.: illexe

-->illecebrō, -āre, _, _

alluring, enticing, attractive; seductive

-->enticement, inducement, charm; seduction; bait, lure; enticer; a type of plant


-->allure, entice, attract; seduce

ex-cutiō, -ere, -cussī, cussus archaic perf. subj. excussit instead of excusserit

-->excussus, -ūs, m.
shake (out, off), cast out, send forth; decamp; blow up, dilate; search, examine perf. part. stretched out, extended

-->a beating (out)
as-portō (abs-), -āre, -āvī, -ātus
of things, bear, carry take (off, away) of persons carry away; transport
pergō, -ere, perrexī, perrectus
go on, continue, proceed (with anything), undertake; pursue with energy; prosecute vigorously; wake up
epulum, -ī n. plur. epulae, -ārum, f.

-->epulor, ārī, _, ātus

-->epulātio, -ōnis, f.
(sumptuous) food, dishes; (sumptuous) meal, banquet, feast

-->hold an entertainment; to feast, banquet, eat


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